5 Weekend Habits to Be Successful

A lot of successful people schedule their weekends. Countless articles about their lives prove that the following 5 weekend habits help to get on a fair treat. Do you desire to learn the secret? Let’s start!

Make a Weekend Plan

It will help you prevent yourself from ending up mindlessly sitting in front of the TV-screen or your gadgets. Plan to do 3-5 “key” activities during the weekend (attending an exhibition, going to the cinema/theater, visiting your old friend, playing paintball, going to the party, etc.). Savor every minute of anticipating these plans. According to the psychological research, it is more pleasant to anticipate the event than go through it. Have fun and entertain yourself!

Differentiate between the Activities

Your weekends should be quite different from your ordinary weekdays. Some activities and hobbies need more time, efforts, and attention than you have during the week. Flex different skills you do in everyday life. Relax and recover your body and mind from typical stresses. So does, for example, a celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson – he plays soccer. A famous architect Rafael Vinoly dedicates his time to playing the piano.


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Cut down on Tech and Create New Traditions

It would be great for your brain to make a technology-free day. It really leaves space and time for other things in life. In case you have to work during the weekends, consider a specific “time-window” for it instead of sitting in front of the computer screen all day long. If you like it, you can encourage your whole family to cut down on tech for a day. Replace time you usually spend on gadgets with time dedicated to your relatives. Family habits like Sunday morning pancakes or traditional barbecue can become your source of happiness and warm memories.

Maximize Your Mornings

Get up early and plan your activities. If you want to do some personal pursuits, morning is the perfect time for fitness training, yoga, running, etc. It would be better not to disrupt your family members by doing all that in the middle of the day. But do not play any musical instruments in the early morning! Have mercy on your relatives.

Schedule Nap Time

Not only toddlers need time for a short sleep. Especially, you need it if you overwork during the weekdays and have no time to rest. Busy schedules don’t let you have a spare minute, do they? Encourage yourself to have a naptime in the mid- or late afternoon. Your body and mind will definitely thank you for rest and recuperation during the next working week.

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Now you know all secrets of interesting and productive weekends that successful people have. But remember that success comes with practice. Do you like these habits? Hope, yes. If so, do not wait and start making a weekend plan! Be happy while anticipating your planned events. Let every your weekend be a holiday!

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