10 Absolutely Scrumptious Foods to Taste While Being Abroad

It is true that food plays a huge part in the culture of the country you are travelling to. With the enormous number of foods each country can offer, this list comprises top 10 dishes for you to taste and relish.

1. Pastel de Nata (Portugal)

Pastel de Nata is the most popular in Portugal and among the Portuguese. However, if you love custard tarts, you should definitely try this Portuguese dessert. If you happen to be lucky, you can find an easy recipe and make it at home. Spend only 40 minutes in kitchen and transfer to the best pastries in Portugal.

Filipino Paella (Spain, the Philippines)

For rice lovers, paella is a truly great choice. Originally from Spain, it has become common in the Philippines too. The peculiarity of Filipino style paella is seafood and saffron seasoning.

3. French Cassoulet

French Cassoulet, also called cassole, consists of white beans, pork, duck confit, gizzards, sausages, and sometimes mutton, cooked together in a pot for a long time. The name cassoulet originates exactly from a cooking vessel in which it is cooked.

4. Tom Yam Kung (Thailand)

The characteristic feature of Thai soup is that it is cooked with prawns (larger shrimps) as the main ingredient. Another distinctive characteristic of Tom Yam Kung is the amount of fragrant spices and herbs put in it. Sometimes, chefs add some milk to the soup to make it taste milder for the foreigners in order.

5. Kangaroo Steak

Believe it or not, kangaroo steak has become increasingly popular recently. I don’t know whether you would like to try this exotic meat or it is very cruel for you. Many claim that it tastes divine. However, it is up to you.

6. Cornish Pasty (England)

Originally started in Cornwall, England, this meal is now enjoyed by many people worldwide. Cornish Pastry typically consists of lightly peppered mixture of beef (it might be diced or minced), onion, swede, and potato.

7. Ice Kacang (Malaysia)

Ice Kacang is a Malaysian dessert that is both beautiful and delicious. It is best described as shaved ice with syrups. It usually has toppings in the form of jelly, red beans, strawberry, kiwi, or other fruits. Ice Kacang is a great alternative to ice cream or sorbet.

8. Seafood Platter (the Philippines)

A Seafood Platter includes mussels, oysters, shrimps, calamari, chicken, watermelon, mango, spring rolls, and fried rice. All the seafood is fresh and appetizing. Moreover, a platter is always nourishing and won’t be a waste of money. 

9. Cream Tea (England)

Cream Tea is a type of afternoon tea meal, which consists of a pot of tea, scones, Cornish cream, and strawberry jam. Indulge yourself in the finest local traditions of England.

10. Japanese Sashimi

The last in our list, but not the least in the preference, this Japanese dish has already gained its popularity among many people worldwide. It is typically served with fresh raw fish or meat. Sashimi is always associated with the finest cuisine in Japan.


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Don’t limit yourself, and anytime you are abroad, try tasting something new. Become a part of culinary world.

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