Composing a Successful Email

What can be easier than writing an email? No matter how easy it might sound, it is actually quite a difficult task. Do you wonder why? Simply because once you’ve sent it, you can’t change what has already been written. That is why we suggest you a few things to consider while writing an email.

First of all, you have to decide what type of information is requested from you. Remember to present it in the most convenient for the recipient way. All the provided information should be clear to the person who receives the e-mail. Also, if you refer to any files, make sure you will not forget to attach them.

Each email you compose should have a subject. All the details – such as names, dates, etc. – should be double-checked so that you won’t mislead a person you are writing to. If there is something you have to agree about, remember to point it out.

Your writing style also describes you as a person, so you have to always proofread your emails to avoid embarrassments. This way you will ensure there are no mistakes and nothing has been left out.

Except for being free of mistakes, your email has to be well-toned. Keep in mind that each email has its own tone. Imagine you are the one who is going to read the email. It will help you find the appropriate tone for your letter – either formal or informal. This is important, because if you use slang while writing to your professor, you may create an impression of a careless and impolite person.


Number of pages

When you start writing your email, state the reason why exactly you are writing – be it a job application or a birthday message. Finishing you letter is as important as starting it, that is why you have to let the person know what you expect to hear in the reply.

Be polite and congenial. If there are holidays to come, wish your recipient all the best, even if you are writing to this person for the first time.

To sum everything up, make sure your emails are clear so that the recipient won’t get confused and you won’t need to explain the information once again. Make sure your letter is grammatically correct and has the right tone. Words have great power – use them wisely. Good luck!

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