5 Types of Universities in the US

The university system in America is fairly complicated, especially if you are a potential international student. It is particularly hard to work out what the tuition fees are likely to be. We offer you a quick look at five major types of US universities, which you can use as a starting guide.

Public Universities

Public universities, also known as state universities, are considerably cheaper for the residents than other types of schools. This happens because they receive public-sector funding provided by the government. It is often inappropriate to refer to these as schools of colleges because they incorporate many schools or colleges as departments.

Some of these universities are joined into state university systems. For example, the State University System of New York has over 60 campuses all over the New York state. You are also more likely to get financial aid in these institutions, which can reduce the costs considerably.

Community Colleges

People often scoff at community or junior colleges, because they usually only provide associate’s degrees. However, for those of us who have no trust fund to back us up, this is a very good option. After completing the two-year degree, students can enroll in a bachelor’s program for two further years. These schools are usually quite small and are joined into systems with California Community Colleges System being the largest one.


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Private Non-Profit US Universities

Most American students enroll into public universities. However, the most famous and elite institutions are usually the private non-profit ones. All Ivy League schools, as well as MIT, Johns Hopkins, and others are examples of schools like these. Of course, these schools are more expensive than еру public ones. On the other hand, the price can be reduced with the help of scholarships and grants, as these prestigious educational institutions have impressive budgets for providing aid.

Liberal Arts Colleges

This type of schools is very popular in the US, mostly because they allow young people to explore different disciplines before settling on what they want to do in life. First, students take various science and liberal arts course and then declare their majors in one of the available disciplines. This approach to education aims to turn students into well-rounded individuals in addition to professionals. Most of these schools are private. However, the University of Mary Washington is a public school with a very similar model.

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For-Profit US Universities and Colleges

“For-profit” universities are a recent trend. These schools have been virtually unheard of before the past several decades. The “for-profit” educational organizations are businesses, the main aim of which is to make money. Sadly, the quality of education in such schools tends to suffer. Moreover, many of them have been identified as scams and have class-action lawsuits hanging over their backs. Potential students have to be careful with these.

Young people nowadays are very fortunate, because they have access to different types of higher education and can choose the one that suits them best!

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