How to Find Your True Vocation

You know, I have always envied those people who come from dynasties of professionals. Say, your father is a doctor, as well as your grandfather and great grandfather. Thus, you can be sure that there is a particular kind of endowment running in the family. Your ancestors have already paved the way for you to follow.

As you can guess, this is not my case. My parents, who are rather open-minded people, have done me a great favor (or so they thought): they let me choose a career myself. Little did they know that this favor would become my greatest torment. For God’s sake, I have difficulty choosing between coffee and tea! Сan you imagine how burdensome it is to choose a career? Anyway, after years of trials and errors, I have eventually discovered my true calling. Now, I feel it is my obligation to share with you, dear readers, some ideas on how to choose a career that will be right for you.

Think of the Things You Are Good at

Sure, one has to learn and practice a lot to become a professional. Yet, I believe that everyone has an individual set of natural abilities that make us more likely to succeed in one sphere rather than the other. The snag is that you have to find this particular sphere. To start with, take a piece of paper and write down your skills. Don’t be shy to include all your abilities on the list, even those you find insufficient.


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Consider the Things You Are Interested in

I strongly believe that the profession should be interesting. Lucky are those who managed to turn their hobby into a career. To make sure you’ll be one of them, write down things you can’t imagine NOT doing till the rest of your life. In case it’s difficult, try thinking of the things you’ll regret not trying.

Assemble Your Ideas into One Puzzle

Now that you’ve prioritized the sphere of your interests, it’s time to find a place where to apply your skills. To begin with, write a CV and put it on an online-platform. Who knows, maybe you are a perfect candidate for a job you don’t even know exists!

The truth is, you won’t find your true calling doing nothing. And you won’t find it right away. Chances are, you’ll think you found it and then, when you are 50, you’ll understand that it was a mistake. It is a long and tiring process, which requires patience and perseverance. You’ll get annoyed, disappointed, and frustrated hundreds of times! Nevertheless, you have to try, fail, and try again. Because, in the long run, it is this self-search that determines your personality and makes you who you are.

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