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Advertising and Society

If you want to find out more about the creation of advertising, its purpose, history, and impacts, this course will certainly be interesting for you. It includes various topics, such as the emergence of advertising, its creation, interpretation, depiction of different bias in ads, ethics in advertising, future prospects of advertising, etc.

Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Thinking and Action

If you are eager to reach success in business, it is high time to start this course to help yourself understand the major entrepreneurial solutions and characteristics. Develop your entrepreneurial potential using this course and gain confidence to start your own business.

Social Psychology

If you are keen on psychology and interested why people behave in a certain way depending on a particular situation, do not hesitate to engage in Social Psychology course. Learn the basics of classic and contemporary psychology by applying to the course, and you will get access to information on such topics as group behavior, decision-making, personal attraction, persuasion, etc.


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Digital Marketing

When you finish this course, you will get perfect understanding of the changing consumer mindset and application of varying digital platforms to certain groups of customers. In addition, you will be skillful in concepts of strategic marketing that will assist you in setting goals for your company, elaborating business strategy, etc.

Language and Information

Nowadays, it is essential to understand the specifics of information, since people face it on a daily basis. If you want to understand the logic of information, its features, representation and manipulation, the course entitled Language and Information will definitely help you in acquiring the necessary knowledge.

High Impact Business Writing

Effective business writing is a key factor in successful business communication. Using this course, you will gain the necessary knowledge on how to enhance your writing skills and express your thoughts in an effective manner. In addition, you will learn how to maintain contact with your readers and keep them interested in your services or business. This will ensure understanding among partners as well as bring profit and success in business.

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If you feel that your professional skills need improvement, do not hesitate to enhance your knowledge by using free online courses that were created by prominent educators. Start learning right now and you will make sure that it is never late to find out something new and develop your professional skills and knowledge.

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