6 Much Anticipated Movies to Watch This Autumn

Judging from what we`ve already seen, 2016 turned out to be generous for all movie-lovers. But the most astonishing revelations are still to be made!
Top Greatest Autumn Premiers


  • Bridget Jones`s Baby. There`s nothing like a good romcom to get you through the post-summer depression, especially when it`s a sequel to the best love story of all times. It seems like awkward-but-cute Ms Jones and gorgeous Mr Right aka Mr Darcy didn`t make it to the happily ever after for some reason. Once again, Bridget will have to make a choice between two handsome men, but this time there is one significant detail that may influence her decision.
  • Ms Peregrine`s Home For Peculiar Children. The fact that the movie features fabulous Eva Green should be enough to persuade you to watch it, but there are more reasons why the adaptation of an eponymous book deserves your attention. It is a story about a boy who suddenly discovers that the tales his grandfather used to tell him may actually be true. Personally, I haven`t been more thrilled since the times of Harry Potter.


  • The Girl on the Train.Given that the novel became a real bestseller, I won`t be surprised if its adaptation turns out to be a box-office success as well. Those who are into the thriller genre would absolutely love the story as it proves that appearances are deceitful. Who knows what kind of skeletons your neighbors are hiding in their closets? It is a gripping story that will send chills down anyone`s spine.
  • Inferno. Finally, we`ve lived to see the adaptation of Dan Brown`s top-grossing novel. A captivating detective story with Tom Hanks as the lead role will send a strong message about the world`s problem we are already facing.


  • Doctor Strange. It is another adaptation of the Marvel comics featuring A-list celebrities, including our beloved Benedict Cumberbatch. I wouldn`t dare to call the plot hackneyed, because a story about an ordinary man with extraordinary abilities (especially when portrayed by Ben) is nothing but classy.
  • Street Cat Named Bob. Inspired by actual events, it is a heart-warming story of a man who hit the rock bottom, but his life is about to change after he meets a ginger cat. It proves that pets are more than just animals – they are our friends and, in some cases, even business partners. Though the movie may be not that tense when comparing with the thrillers mentioned above, it will surely make you experience the whole range of emotions: from the hysterical laughter to the bitter tears of sympathy.

Well, it looks like movie fans will have to splurge all their savings on the cinema tickets, but I`m sure what they are going to see is worth it.

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