Essay on Traditions and Customs in the USA

America is known as a country of people with different cultures and backgrounds. As a result, when people speak about American culture, they usually speak about traditions common for all groups of people who reside in the country. Generally, American culture is a combination of different traditions and customs, which makes it unique and special. The current American culture essay will explore the most peculiar features of the US traditions. The essay on American culture will tell about such issues as religion, food, language, etc. that altogether create a unique heritage of the whole American nation.

General Facts

In order to understand the traditions of the USA, it is important to speak about the country in general. The USA is one of three the largest states in the world. The fact that America has been open for people of different nationalities for a long time and still welcomes immigrants from all over the world, contributed to the creation of a rich and very interesting cultural heritage.It can be stated that all world religions are gathered within the US borders. Moreover, the Americans have not only absorbed what was brought to the territory of the state but also managed to create something new of all the existing cultures and traditions, which became known as the culture of America. Furthermore, its formation has not stopped. New immigrants coming to the USA bring something new making the culture of the state constantly evolve.

Specific Cultural Features of the USA

    • The first thing worth mentioning is the national language of the country. Even though English is the most wide-spread language, it is not considered to be a national one. Actually, the US Government proclaimed that there is no national language in America. People coming to the country can easily hear such languages in the streets as Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.


    • Religion is the other aspect of culture that has to be discussed. Following their Constitutional right for freedom of religion, people may practice any religion they want. Christianity is followed by approximately 80% of people, but such religions as Judaism and even Islamic religion are also present on the territory of the country even though not widely practiced.


    • Such issue as clothing mostly depends on the social status of a person and his/her background. Such elements of clothes as jeans, snickers, caps, etc. are common for locals.


  • The other cultural aspect of America is food. Even though it is considered not healthy by many countries in the world, it is difficult to refuse from hamburgers, hot dogs, apple pies, donuts, and other snacks popular on the territory of the US.

All these and many other elements of the everyday lives of people create a unique culture of Americans. People may have different opinions regarding the way people live in the USA, but regardless of their viewpoints, the culture of the country has to be respected and its traditions treated with utmost dignity.

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