4 Reasons to Abandon TV Today

Television is an important part of our lives. Nowadays, it is not simply a source of entertainment, but a way to find news, tell important stories, and create art. However, for an increasing number of Americans, TV is not as ubiquitous as for the rest of us. Why do people stop watching TV and should you follow their example? Read on to find out!

Some Lifestyles Are Incompatible with TV

Most people work hard and want to come home and relax in front of a screen. However, some lifestyle choices do not allow this kind of entertainment. For instance, some people choose to read and create art instead, because they feel that TV simply robs them of valuable time. On the other hand, certain religious groups think of television as sinful or inappropriate for the devout people.

TV Can Become an Annoyance

While many think that TV is a great tool to relax, it can in fact be a stress factor. Modern series are full of violence and sex. While claiming that they simply reflect modern society, these shows create additional pressure and can overwhelm people instead of calming them down.


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Television’s Purpose Is to Sell You Things

There’s nothing wrong with advertising per se. However, it has become so ubiquitous that many people cannot tell the difference between a marketing ploy and genuine subjects. For instance, many shows have messages promoting lifestyle choice, political ideas, and products. One can either strive to distinguish between advertising and genuine subject matter or simply choose to distance themselves from TV altogether.

Abandoning TV Can Free a lot of Time for other Pursuits

On average, Americans watch three hours of TV a day. This time can be filled with a host of other hobbies and activities. For instance, people with families can spend more time together, communicating and bonding. Single people can dedicate time to learning new things and improving themselves. Anything is possible with additional three hours of free time a day. And if you simply want to relax, books are a much more calming and productive pursuit.

Cutting TV from your life can seem like a weird and somewhat backwards thing to do. However, it has many benefits. Try it yourself and see what happens!

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