Advantages and Disadvantages of Traditional Education

Traditional education offers numerous benefits for students. For some, it is the best mode of education; however, it also has certain drawbacks that can be eliminated with the right planning. Below are described the major strengths and weaknesses of traditional education.


Active Learning

This kind of education offers an active mode of learning. In the classroom, students are able to learn very quickly. This feature is the most known and the greatest one of traditional education’s features.

Students and Teachers are Active

Students actively participate in all the activities and help each other in study related matters. They have a chance to ask teachers to clarify something if it is not clear or when they have any problems. Taking an active part in the class activities is vital for getting a full understanding of everything discussed during the lesson.


In traditional education, there is a high level of communication between a student and a teacher, as well as between students. It is very important as it helps increase students’ level of confidence. Due to this, students become good communicators and teachers feel competent when they get feedback from students.


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One of great things about traditional education is that it is always scheduled and properly carried out. Students always have schedules of their lectures and tests. Due to this, students become more disciplined.

Recreational Activities

Regular recreational activities help refresh students so that they get relief from tense study year. Such activities are exceptionally useful as they help students have fun and enjoy their free time together.


Students’ Dependence on Teachers

All students are dependent on their professors in every study related matter. Such dependence suppresses students’ creativity so that many of them never get to know their strengths.


Many professors tend to demonstrate favoritism that can have a negative effect on the left out students, who may feel incompetent. Because of such an attitude, other students start experiencing inferior feelings.

Negative Groups

Sometimes, students get indulged in the negative groups which often destroy academic performance and students’ personalities. Unfortunately, such factors are often nurturing without being noticed.

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Extracurricular Activities Distort Students

If there are plenty of extracurricular activities, many students experience difficulties in focusing on the studies as they are too excited about the things which may affect their educational performance. For some students, it is complicated to keep the balance between education and extracurriculars.


Traditional education is cost demanding. Tuition fees are usually very high. In addition, all the textbooks and other school things are quite expensive. Some parents face difficulties spending money on all the things that school requires.

Above are described only several strengths and weaknesses of traditional education. Just like everything in our life, the educational system is not perfect, but it still offers a lot of advantages for students.

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