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Writing research papers is rather a tough and time-consuming task. The steps in writing a research paper involve, first of all, choosing a topic. Second of all, you have to research your topic, read about it using different sources, construct it logically and prove with evidence. All that takes a lot of time spent in libraries, writing notes as you summarize what you read. After that, you will spend even more hours on the Internet investigating your subject to get relevant and fresh material. Then, you will have to create an outline accurately. You will have to construct your research and ideas neatly. Every paragraph must have its own idea, supported and proved by evidence. All the paragraphs must flow in a certain sequence and complement each other. Furthermore, the introduction and conclusion have to fully integrate your research paper into complete unit. The lecturer will inform you what format should be used. Whether it is MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago, you will have to ensure that your bibliography citations and references follow the chosen style. Having done all that, you will have to proofread every sentence, paragraph and page carefully. All grammar, spelling and punctuation issues must be perfect. And finally, all that must be done within a particular deadline. As professors rarely conform to each other, probably you could have more than one due at a time. The pressure is huge as you have to do it well to receive top grades; however, to do it well, you need a lot of time and with more than one paper pending due, you will not have that time.

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