A perfect essay is much more than just a bunch of words on paper. If you have read the works of Plato, Milton, or Ernest Hemmingway, you know that when you take a collection of words and organize them in the right way, you are left with something that is a thing of real beauty. It invokes passions and emotions. It takes a great writer many years to master the craft. Still, it does not take a literary genius to write a personal essay. You just need to be willing to pour all of your creativity and efforts to create an essay that is a true reflection of who you are. To get into the right college, you must demonstrate to the admissions board that you have the drive and integrity that would represent the college proudly.


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Difficulties with Personal Essays

Writing a personal essay can be a real challenge even though it does not require research or outside sources. Looking from within can be every bit as complicated. Sharing your life story is a task that applicants really struggle with.

Not only must you have a great command of the English language, you must be able to smoothly organize all of the qualities and traits that make you the right candidate for the college of your dreams. You might think your life is interesting, but if you are unable to convey this artfully the admissions board will not be impressed.

Fortunately, most colleges and universities provide you with guidelines so that you know what points to highlight. Some are more informal and just ask you to write down the points that you consider most important. Others are more structured and ask for very specific details. This second format can be especially tricky, but in any event you must make sure that you are following the essay’s directions otherwise the admissions board with disregard it off hand.

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