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Keeping in mind the purpose of writing is what you should always do whenever working on academic writing assignment. What is an article review? It is a paper that discusses the most essential aspect of the assigned article. The purpose of an article review is to give the reader the idea of the work you are analyzing and evaluate it in terms of its accuracy, organization, and relevance.

There are several reasons why professors give such a task to students. First, it encourages research and discovering something new about a certain topic. Second, it is an effective method to train one’s writing skills and analytical thinking, both of which are crucial in any kind of academic writing. In other words, once you learn how to write an article review, it will be easier for you to work on other similar assignments both in college and at work.


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However, writing a review is a time-consuming and laborious task not many students can cope with. Some learners do not understand what a critical article review is and how to structure it properly, others are simply running out of time and feel that they will miss the deadline for submission if they take up one more assignment.

Luckily, there is a solution for every problem. For those of you who, for some reason, cannot write an article review essay and the deadline is approaching, we offer professional academic writing assistance. Whether you need professional guidance or want to pass the challenge of research article review writing to someone else, feel free to contact our experts. On our website, you can also find many useful tips on writing a scientific article review.

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How to Compose a Review of an Article

Obviously, the first step is choosing the article that is to be reviewed. In most cases, however, professors assign an article or at provide their students with a list of topics to choose from. If you were given the list, be sure to read the article abstracts or descriptions before making the decision.

Having selected the article, you can now start reading it. Be prepared to read the text more than once. During the first reading, note down the words and ideas you do not understand and research them later. After that, read the article one more time.

Ask yourself if everything in the article is clear. If the answer us ‘yes’, you can proceed to the analysis. Create a list of the merits and demerits of the article. Do not stop until the list is comprehensive. Now look through the points and choose the ones you deem the most significant.

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When working on an article review, note down the specific ideas for the analysis. Start with the assessment of the topic choice. Does the question or issue deserve research in the first place? Scrutinize the thesis statement and the goals of the article. Think about the aim of the research and whether it was achieved. Note if the chosen methods were suitable in this particular case. Finally, consider the overall impression after reading the piece and discuss its significance for the discipline or the issue in general.

This approach is appropriate for any article, so it should help you create a decent paper. However, if you need some help from an expert, just contact us, say “write my article review for me”, and we are right on it!

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Judging from the requirements, coping with an article review assignment is not easy. Of course, the most common reason for not being able to write a review of an article among students is a profound lack of time. Even with an article review paper example, writing a paper from scratch is time consuming. However, there are other reasons. Even though it is important for students to complete their assignments on their own, there is no place for weak papers because they negatively impact their performance, so some professional assistance can really save the day.

If you need an authentic paper written according to your requirements, our services were designed for you. Our website is the place where you can find an experienced professional who will help you create a paper for any academic level. We adopt individual approach to every customer, which enables us to always deliver high-quality papers at a reasonable price.

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