Do order form submission errors happen often? What does it mean when I cannot update my order page?

No, such errors happen seldom. However, there is a probability that the order form might freeze. It occurs when you attach a document larger than the acceptable format size. Do not hesitate to ask our Support agents about the restrictions regarding the attachments. Our customer-friendly team will clarify how to avoid such page updating failures.

I need to edit the details of my order, as I mistakenly selected a different deadline/my scholarly status/assignment type/number of words.

After the order form is submitted and your payment is accepted, you will not be able to edit it. Yet, you should not worry about it: simply write us a message, requesting the alteration of those specific details. The price for the custom research paper will be reduced or increased, depending on your individual case.

My professor asked me to add more pages to the essay I ordered. Should I place an additional order?

That is right. If your essay is already being written by the assigned expert, you cannot simply ask your researcher to write more. Hence, to make such alterations official (and visible in our system), you must place an additional order. It will facilitate the calculation of the new price for the difference between the initial and succeeding number of pages.

It is interesting to know when exactly my personal writer will be assigned.

You have to know that once you see the writer’s ID on your profile next to your order, you can rest assured that the writing process has been initiated!

Can I request my paper draft for free?

If you need a draft in the middle of the writing process, you will need to pay a slight sum for it, as it presupposes a supplementary task for your writer. Note: you cannot receive a draft unless 50% of the order is completed.

How does the revision option work? Can I request it anytime?

Basically, you can request a revision anytime as long as your order is active and not handed in. Still, it is much more reasonable to send your paper for revision within 48 hours or 30 days (depending on the specifics of your order), as this timeframe is free of charge. Late revision requests should be compensated. Besides, the revision option can be found on your profile where “Completed orders” are located. Revising should also be based on specific instructions, as the writer should know which parts to improve.

Due to some circumstances, my phone number, email address, and password should be altered. What are the steps for it?

The information that displays your contact details can be changed in the tab Profile. Only logged-in users are able to implement their accounts’ changes. Do not forget to save the updated data.

Is it difficult to find and assign a writer? Is it time-consuming?

Since our major mission embodies impeccable writing assistance, our professional employees are competent in different spheres that correspond to the modern academic demands. We do our best to make sure that no client will be left without the desired expert help. We cannot promise that we will always find the ultimate writer for you in several minutes, but it usually takes no longer than a few hours.

I started reading my finished essay a bit late to realize it has to be revised. Can I still get a free revising option?

Unfortunately, we cannot make revisions free of charge when the client’s request is late. However, our prices for revision are affordable. This is a good chance to place a “Revision” order type and make your paper’s quality and context even more refined.

Not every company allows direct communication with writers. Do you provide an exception?

Yes, we are sure that proper communication solves many unwanted issues and leads to a better understanding. There is a special messaging system you can use to contact your writer. In case the looked-for expert is occupied, please address our Customer Care agents with everything you want to inform your writer.

Will I be able to download my paper from my account?

Yes, once the order is ready, it will be attached to your profile in the section “Files”. In order not to miss the moment it will be uploaded, there will be an extra notification via email. It will contain a link that leads to your completed personalized work.

What are the preconditions for passing my school test by your expert?

We are ready to complete your tests. When making an order at our site, you need to choose the “Online test” type of assignment. Give us all the required data about your test and provide all the related files, books, material, etc. that will help the assigned specialist get ready for it. In the description section, you should set the date, time, the duration of your test and your time zone. It is also important to provide the writer will the login details to the platform where the test has to be taken.

Do your services encompass web development projects?

No, our company does not specialize in app development or programming

Do you often send order-related notifications?

We usually send notifications via email when special changes are made in your order, when your writer needs clarifications, or when your order is completed. You may also get calls, SMS, and system messages. However, we never bother you with frequent messages.

Will I instantly see that my writer started working?

You cannot see the exact start of the writer’s work. However, the moment your order is assigned, it will appear on your profile as “Processing”. After its completion, the paper’s status is transformed into “Sent/Completed”. Note that the status “Payment verification” means that your financial transaction was not conducted successfully (press the “Pay now” tab to make payment and forward a receipt to us).

Will I receive my paper when the deadline expires?

The final version of the order will be uploaded to the system once the deadline expires. The countdown starts when the order submitted and validated.

I am placing my order according to your instructions, but when I am reloading the page, the fields remain blank.

If Internet connection is fine, the only cause of such failures is files that breach our system’s functioning. Indeed, some orders need to be based on large clusters of material. In this case, place your order without any attachments and send your files to us providing your order ID in the title of your email. Our support representatives will add you files to your assignment.

Where can I review my order after it is done?

We upload every completed project to our system, and it immediately appears on your personal profile. If you are our new client, please memorize where to find your paper: find your order ID among the Processing or Completed orders, and then look for the uploaded essay in “Files”.

I paid according to the required instructions, but my order has not been verified.

We cannot determine an internal payment failure, as we are not responsible for transactions in their core. We simply accept payments and allocate orders when you paid for the necessary work successfully. Even if it seems that you did everything right, we suggest that you check the validity of your card and exclude payment limits. You can address our support agents regarding payment issues, but they are likely to be solved by your bank, not MarvelousEssay.org.

Will you inform me if my writer completes my project in advance?

No, even if your writer will cope with the work earlier, it will not be uploaded before its due time. It will also help us edit your order meticulously and unhurriedly. Hence, some extra time is essential for us. You can change the order’s urgency in some cases, but it entails the additional cost to compensate for swifter work of our writers and editors.

What if your email regarding my completed order gets into Spam? How will I obtain my paper?

In case you fail to download your order when the deadline is over, please address us directly. Nonetheless, even if to consider a probability of the spammed email, you must know that the primary source where your essay is uploaded is your MarvelousEssay.org profile.

Is it required to pay for a Preferred Writer if I select a supreme level of writing?

If you pick the indicated level of writing, your order will be assigned to one of our top 30 writers competent in your field of study. Additionally, you will receive a detailed report on plagiarism. If there is a specific expert, who has already done some assignments for you and you were satisfied with the cooperation, you can choose that specialist for your order and select a supreme level of writing. Our Writing Department will allocate your assignment to the indicated writer immediately.

I have my own reasons why I want to hide my personal number. Can I still be your client in this case?

Yes, we do not reject customers if they do not want to share some personal details. However, it is advisable to choose at least one means of communication. Sharing your private email is not necessary as well. You can create a different email address that would be used only for the purpose of cooperation with us.

I am worried that my professor will find out about my order placed at MarvelousEssay.org. Can you guarantee absolute privacy?

Of course, our Privacy Policy is firm. Even our writers remain anonymous, as there is no need to know your helpers’ real names. Your personal details will also be kept confidential.

What if my revised paper is still not perfect for me, can I request a new amendment during a free revision period?

You are welcome to place multiple revisions within a free revision time span.

Plagiarism is a scary word, especially in the academic context. Do you guarantee authenticity?

Yes, this is our obligation to create plagiarism-free projects. All the used material is properly cited, and the rest of the ideas stem from our writers’ creative potential, not copy-pasted paragraphs from the web. Besides, each order is checked by our plagiarism detection tool.

Tell me about the potential expert responsible for my ordered work.

MarvelousEssay.org personifies a professional writing service that hires academicians and experienced authors. We will choose an expert, having evaluated your academic level, the required discipline and your requirements.

As I understand, every paper is edited, but can I request an additional proofreading?

There is a VIP service that can be bought at extra charge. Find the option: "Get an order proofread by an editor" and pay for it. Once the payment is made, your paper will be forwarded to the editor after it is written.

How can I be sure that my work is being written?

Every order status is conveniently altered in your account. If you see that the order was changed from “New” to “Processing”, it implies that your personal writer started working on the corresponding project. If you see the status “Sent,” it means that your assignment was uploaded to the system. If you want to know exactly when your order status changes, you can select a VIP option of instant SMS notifications.

Is it not too late to change the urgency status after I selected a different one and submitted my order request?

You are allowed to change the due date, but a shortened deadline will entail compensation for the difference. The amount of the compensation depends on the difference between the initially chosen deadline and the new one. We will place the order covering the amount of the compensation and send a payment link to you. As soon as the payment is made successfully, your assignment will be adjusted to the new deadline.

How to renew cooperation with my former preferred writer?

You can always request the same preferred writer, keeping in mind that such orders require adding 15% to the general price. You need to insert your preferred writer’s ID into a respective field and press the “Add” tab. Then, your project will be assigned to the indicated writer.

Can you name your core responsibilities when working with individual clients?

Our writing mission is reflected in the subsequent steps:

  • We assist each customer in placing the right order;
  • We observe whether the payment was successful;
  • We solve any issues (technical and order-related ones) in the process of our cooperation;
  • We assign the most suitable writer according to your needs;
  • Your assignment is written, edited, and checked for plagiarism.

As a result, you obtain your impeccable work.

My assignment is of extra difficulty, as its level is Ph.D. Will you cope with it?

To prevent any misunderstandings, address our agents in advance, elucidating the main sophistication of your order. Usually, we cope with Ph.D.-level assignments effectively.

Why cannot I make payment?

If you see an "authorization/payment failed" error, try another device/browser/card/payment processing company/card or get in touch with your bank/payment processing agency.

Something happened to the order form. It freezes/stays gray/keeps reloading.

This error can be related to the excessive file format. Please check all the materials you are trying to attach to your order. If there are numerous files or one huge document, detach them and email them to us. Later, they will be added to your order, the “Files” section namely.

I paid successfully and my bank issued a receipt, but your system asks me to pay again.

If you obtained a receipt from your bank, everything should be fine. Perhaps, there has been a technical error. Check whether the money from your card was withdrawn (the sum should be precise, as provided in the order form). If not, try another browser/device/card/payment processing organization.

I have some doubts whether I can find the expert in my sphere at MarvelousEssay.org. Can I clarify this beforehand?

Surely, it is possible to send your special requirements before ordering papers from MarvelousEssay.org. We are interested in assigning the most appropriate writer, so this option is readily available.

What are the advantages of providing authentic contact details?

Authentic contact information facilitates communication with our team. If you want our emails to reach you successfully, you must be interested in providing valid personal data.

My order has never been refunded. If the refund takes place, how soon will I receive my compensation?

We try to handle such issues immediately. However, your refund should be justified and explained. It may be partial or full compensation, depending on the particularity of your situation. Typically, 3-5 business days are enough to implement all the compensatory actions. However, it also depends on the work of your bank.

Am I permitted to communicate with my writer instead of support agents?

Yes, you can address your writer if questions are related to the order creation. It is enough to be logged in to your personal profile to use our messaging system. Our support is responsible for forwarding your messages to the writer in case you cannot reach your expert on your own.

Will it be difficult to find my completed project?

No, it is easy to find your finished paper on your personal account after it was uploaded by our quality agents. The folders leading to your paper’s location are: My orders – Completed orders – Order ID – Files.

When will my paper become visible in the system?

Once your deadline is over, the finished project is instantly visible on your profile. Check your due date here: My orders – Processing orders – Click on your project ID – section Delivery (it shows when your assignment will be delivered).

Is purchasing the required material included in your order package?

No, we do not buy any books (offline and online material) that need to be used for your investigation. All the necessary attachments, textbooks, publications should be provided in your order instructions.

I cannot submit my order. Will I lose all the info I provided upon refreshing the page?

It is likely your instructions will not be saved if you attach huge files, which may freeze the order form. You should send your files separately to the email: support@marvelousessay.org.

I did not realize the extensiveness of my project at first. There is a need to write more pages.

You can always add more pages, but it will surely influence the general price. If you are ready to pay more, please find the option called “Additional Order” and specify the number of pages you need to add. As long as your supplementary order is related to the same assignment, we will merge both orders together.

I have been just informed that my deadline has to be urgent. Can you modify my due date?

The establishment of your due date can be modified if you are willing to pay for the urgency. We cannot ask our writers to work faster without the additional compensation for their hastened work.

I am puzzled over the assignment type I have to choose. Can you help me?

Of course! The fastest way to contact us is through the Live Chat. You can ask the available agent about the assignment type. Sometimes, they will ask you to provide detailed instructions via email.

My paper should be original, as my professor is too demanding, and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

We work hard to provide you with authentic works. It is a punishable breach of our rules if a writer commits plagiarism. Each paper is checked via an effective plagiarism detector. Note that we do not use such a scanner as Turnitin since it saves the scanned files and, therefore, they cannot be checked twice.

I am worried about my discretion. Can you conceal all my personal data from third parties?

You should not worry about your confidentiality at all! Our Privacy Policy is customer-centered. It is impossible to find a single case when a professor found out about their students ordering from us.

My friend told me that one writing agency failed to meet the specified deadline. How can you guarantee that my paper will be delivered on time?

We always make scheduled delivery. On your part, be very specific when choosing your urgency not to confuse the required date for the essay completion.

Can I put a request for lowering my essay price?

Usually, we do not reduce our prices. You can check all the costs for our services before deciding to place an order. Yet, returning clients receive amazing bonuses, so you should become one to get your rewarding discount!

Can I send additional questions to my writer in the middle of the project’s fulfillment?

Yes, any urgent requests should be sent to your writer directly. However, we suggest that you copy the same message and email it to our support agents to make sure that your questions will be answered on time. Writers with assigned orders may be busy, and our agents know how to call them directly.

There is only one hour before my online exam starts. Can I find a person to take the test urgently?

One hour is a short time to find the desired expert. However, such a possibility still exists. Address us using our website’s messaging system to know whether an exam specialist can be found immediately.

If my work is refunded as bonus credits, is it beneficial? How should I use those bonuses?

Yes, bonus credits can be regarded as money compensation. Bonus credits allow you to pay for your next order fully, as if it is a monetary transaction. If you agree to a bonus-credit type of refund, please message our support agents for further actions. Mind that bonuses will be assigned to your profile once your refund request is approved.

If I select 24 hours as my due date, when will I get my finished paper?

You will obtain the paper exactly after 24 hours are expired. It works simply: you choose your deadline and we do our best to meet it. Note: urgent orders cost slightly more.

Where should I choose my assignment type?

We have a special list with types of assignments our clients might have. If you cannot find your project type on our list, write us a letter with extended instructions, so that our experts will put your paper into the right category.

I relied on your service because sublime quality is what I need. Will I improve my grades if I become your regular client?

We strive to produce high-quality projects no matter the academic level and complexity. All our experts possess Master’s and Ph.D. degrees in an impressive variety of disciplines. You can review some samples of their works on our website. Indeed, we create works that deserve high grades, but only your professor can influence your academic rating.

Can my deadline’s alteration request be chargeless?

Our order delivery policy states that amplified urgency needs compensation. We cannot make our professionals work faster for free. All the clarifications regarding the new deadline placement should be sent to our well-informed Support agents.

Do you guarantee that my project will be fulfilled by a specialist?

Indeed, only a professional writer knowledgeable in your subject will complete your project.

Am I allowed to send you a prior email with all my instructions before paying for the order?

Yes. Every client has an opportunity to send academic instructions before ordering from MarvelousEssay.org. We will discuss all the details with you to help you make your decision. Please use the official email located on our website for all subsequent inquiries.

How do you establish your pricing policy?

Our pricing policy has been already established, as the cost for your work can be calculated following our unchanged algorithm. The price for your order will directly depend on the number of pages, academic sophistication, and urgency. You can calculate the approximate cost for your potential order in the section “Prices”. Alternatively, contact our support agents.

Will you send my completed project to my email?

We usually do not attach finished papers to the emails, but we do send messages with the links to the completed orders. Anyway, it is not necessary to wait for our notification, as your order will be uploaded to the system after the deadline expires.

My order is unusual, as the part of my assignment has been already written. Can your expert read it and finish it for me?

There might not be any problem in completing the project you have already started. The assigned writer will scrutinize the part of your work and correct the mistakes (if there are some). Subsequently, the expert will continue the writing process instead of you. Contact our support agents to find out how to place such an order.

Can I send you order-related questions at night time?

Yes. We are burning the midnight oil on a regular basis! We work in shifts, so our support agents are available around the clock.

How urgent my order can be?

You can place an urgent order that should be completed within several hours. We have great experience in meeting short deadlines. The only suggestion: please contact our support team before placing an urgent order, as we need to make sure that the writer competent in your sphere is available at the moment.

Should I request revision if my paper needs minor corrections?

You, as our client, have an option of free revision within 48 hours after the expiration date of your order. So yes, why not use such an opportunity? Even minor corrections may be crucial ones. The important thing to remember – if your revision includes additional instructions, it is regarded as a new order that has to be paid for.

I need to improve my overall academic mark. Can you guarantee that my grades will become better?

Unfortunately, even if your expert produces the finest paper, we cannot anticipate your professor’s attitude to it. We can only suppose that a decent essay will never get a bad grade.

Can I order enhanced level of plagiarism detection from MarvelousEssay.org?

Yes, to prevent you from worrying too much about the authenticity of your paper, you can order our VIP service called "The Plagiarism check". Thus, any texts can be checked for coincidences by our plagiarism-detecting partner’s website, i.e. ThePlagiarism.com, for free within a year.

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