Free Custom «The Ford Focus Electric 2013» Essay Sample

Free Custom «The Ford Focus Electric 2013» Essay Sample

There are two things that are of outmost importance to a person. The first is the health. The second important thing is well-being. The question is how can it be connected with cars. The connection is more than clear. Gasoline cars produce fumes that pollute the environment which affects the health of individuals. The gasoline is itself expensive and continues to pollute the environment as the cars demand more gasoline. Hence the need to an alternative to this which is to buy an electro-mobile. Why? This proposal gives details about the problem and the proposed solution, including costs.

The Problem

Health is crucial for the people. When a person feels bad, the life becomes routine and uninteresting. A state of health depends not only on internal things, but also on external ones. The main cause of poor health among people is the pollution of the environment. Nowadays ecological problems all over the world have become crucial. Big cities and a huge amount of cars, which mostly have a gasoline engine have a dramatic impact on the environment.


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The well-being has a huge importance. A person who wants to have enough funds has to be economical and spend money with clear minds. It is essential to have a good car, but its exploitation expenditures are also significant. Most of the cars need gasoline, but its price is not cheap and always rising. A person faces a problem of decreasing these expenditures for being able to spend money on other needs.

As is indicated above, it is clear that tomorrow is in the hands of new ecological and economical technologies. One of these technologies is in the current proposal.

The Solution

The electro car is the real solution of the above mentioned problems. It is ecological solution for the society and economical approach for a person. The best is the Ford Focus Electric 2013, which is comfortable, has modern facilities and design. This vehicle is designed for social-oriented, modern, and healthy people.

This model of ford produced in 2013 is powered by a lithium-ion battery. Only three-four hours are needed to charge the battery. A city fuel efficiency rating of 110 MGEs allows driving for 76 miles on a charge. The all-electric engine helps moderate energy loss and heat production. Single speed transmission allows driving with maximum 136 km/h. The driver does not need a key, but simply press push-button start and go. The car is silent and comfortable.

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Coziness is one of the main benefits of this model. Back-up camera helps in parking. Front airbags, safety bells, and electronic stability control make the car safe.

Interior is nice with five supportive and comfortable seats. These are products of 100% recycled material, ambient light, Sony audio system, the convenience of iTunes tagging will make a pleasant trip. Weather regulator mechanism, leather-wrapped navigation control, cruise control, and illuminated entry are only the few examples of this car’s interior features.

This hatchback has handsome looks. Equipped with spoilers, moldings, illuminated charge port ring, 15-spoke 17” aluminum disks, Ford Focus Electric 2013 makes a modern image of its owner.


The Ford Focus Electric 2013 is not cheap, but the buyer will return the money in a short time. Fuel cost for this car is about $600 yearly. The regular gas Ford Focus needs about $1800 a year. With Ford Focus Electric 2013, a person can save about $1200. To add on to that, the owner of electro car does not need to pay gasoline taxes.

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Base price of the car is $39,200. Destination charges are $795. Estimated capitalized cost amounts $39,995. A buyer may be eligible for a federal tax credit. It can be up to $7,500.

A person can buy or lease the car. With RSL (Red Carpet Lease) Program, the incentives in the amount of $11,750 are available. The net price of the car, in this case, is $28,245. Monthly payment for 36 month lease is only $284.

A person needs to take new retail delivery from dealer stock.

This offer is valid from 4/2/2013 to 7/8/2013.


As the ecological problems continue to increase, people need to use new technologies. The products of these technologies are economical, comfortable, and modern. Ford Focus Electric 2013 meets all these characteristics. It is the best choice for social-oriented, modern, and healthy people.

Peer Review

After the completion of this paper, I gave it to two of my peers to go through it and give me insights into what they thought of it. This final paper is as a result of the positive contributions that they made into sections that I needed to improve. One of areas was the introduction and how it needed to connect to the whole paper and have a flow. I was also advised to correct grammatical mistakes that appeared in sections of the paper.

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It was easy to incorporate these suggestions to the paper because I felt that something was missing to piece the whole work together. The advice I got made me realize the parts I overlooked initially. I have a strong conviction that this final paper is free of mistakes and puts my case across in the clearest way possible.

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