Free Custom «Network Design» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Network Design» Essay Sample

With rapid change in technology bringing on board new techniques in the computer world such as cloud computing, virtualization, mobile ad hoc networks and mobile computing, the entire of face of Cisco enterprise architecture would be transformed. Need to employ these new technologies arise out of desire to enhance faster communication, dematerialization, systems security, accessibility and deal with increased bulk of work and activities (Anil, 2012). In relation, it is imperative that Cisco enterprise architecture keep the pace of rapidly changing technology characterized by complex and confusing communication framework. Cloud computing and virtualization respond to some of the macroeconomic factors such as broadband proliferation, globalization, consumerization of IT and digitization of information on unprecedented scale. It implies that without change in network design architecture, the course would be irrelevant in the market overtime.

Evidence indicates that Cisco’s business operation is on the verge of undergoing quintessential changes toward enabling sale of solution bundles with a top-line price for whole bundle. This implies that the course cannot escape input of technology more so owing to the fact that reinvention of business models is happening globally geared towards utilizing the growing trends.


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Enterprise architecture would require use of cloud computing integrated in network design for higher profitability. This optimizes investment in capital-investment assets, aids in reducing working capital within the supply chain and lowering operational costs while keeping up the targeted customer service. Another case is system virtualization for businesses would help in growth management. Virtualization makes network design more comprehensive putting together new facilities to ensure accessibility of new markets effectively as well as new products. In addition, with increased cyber attacks, it is important for enterprise architecture to build secure networks to match the changing business world.

In conclusion, effective architecture practices in this age best work with an architectural framework that has in place operational systems, reference architecture, technological views and well-defined methodologies. All these imply that Cisco enterprise architecture would have to undergo numerous changes to match the pace of new technologies.

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