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Interrelationship of Business / Technology Decisions

Buy custom Interrelationship of Business / Technology Decisions essay

Buy custom Interrelationship of Business / Technology Decisions essay

Adoption of a long range of trends has pushed businesses to adopt different innovative technologies in their operations. This is in line with increased need to employ video communication and collaboration. In the 21st century, continual transformation is the fundamental factor that influences technology decisions in all industries ranging from hospitality, manufacturing, education, retail and finance, healthcare and public sector (Cole, 2008). Due to the large complexity and scale of such changes, crucial aspects of enterprises as impacted such as pricing methods, target markets, workforce, suppliers and channel partners. Changes in business directly or indirectly affect different aspects of operations such as policies, operational scenarios and business processes and quintessential business metrics. All these transformation affects decisions in choosing the system to beused in automating business operations. Occasionally, changes in technology infrastructure of companies underpin business systems required for possible achievement of desired shifts in business operations and model.

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Rapid change in technology is the dominant prevailing challenge network designers are forced to reckon with in setting up network architecture. Even though new technologies work best as service assets and conceivable in architectural activity, they challenge transition process on the verge of allowing new capabilities and performance. New methods of creating routing protocols and design models continue within coming in of technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization and IP telephony and LAN technology (Farr, 1998). This surmounts pressure on enterprises to stay relevant in the markket by updating their networks despite the fact that they may lack necessary expertise to initiate the transformation. 

Things that businesses tend to focus on

Businesses pay much attention on mobility, borderless networks, collaboration and security. Businesses want designs that sell solutions made up of products from different business units and at time products made by partners. System management is another great point of focus is it can determine the future of the whole network. Due to these considerations, a design has to match the basic tenets of organizational framework and not what the designer may imagine is the best in that period. Also, it is categorically imperative that the design has to employ the use of latest technologies in order to stay relevant and recognized for long period of time.

Buy custom Interrelationship of Business / Technology Decisions essay

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