Free Custom «Green Computing» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Green Computing» Essay Sample

  1. What are your thoughts on Green computing?

Green computing comes out as a fantastic idea, especially nowadays, when there is a need to use more environmentally friendly resources. It is interesting to find out that computing as an industry and human activity is unique. On one hand, it can be a problem to deal with, but on the other hand, it presents the best solution as far as environmental conservation and sustainability is concerned. The goals of green computing are clear and achievable. In fact, improving of the environment is dependent on reducing the use of hazardous materials, maximization of energy efficiency during the lifetime of a product and promoting biodegradability of factory waste and defunct products. Therefore, green computing is a powerful idea that must be embraced globally.

  1. What did you think about the Green Computing lecture?

Indisputably, green computing lecture was informative, extensive and detailed. All the information relayed in the lecture did not only provide new information but inspired the audience to read and learn more about green computing. For instance, the use of diagrams and graphs, such as the one presented below, helped understand many un-raised queries.

  1. Is it worth the investment going Green Computing?

Certainly, the investment is worth great value to many systems in the world today. The basic reason is that it would assist in reducing the impact of humanity on environment in long and short run. Therefore, this paves way for travel reduction, increased business efficiency and dematerialization. Business efficiency comes by virtue of green computing enabling economies to scale in clean ways by ensuring reduction of wastage of natural resources. On the same note, dematerialization would enable organizations do away with physically manipulative services and employ digital equivalents such as Internet and virtualization.


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The use of Voice over IP (VoIP) is one of the useful applications of green computing that should be embraced more in the field of communication worldwide. The application cuts down on telephony wiring infrastructure by promoting sharing of available Ethernet copper. Phone extension mobility and VoIP have an immense contribution to hot desking by making it more practical.

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