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Cyber Security on a National Level

Buy custom Cyber Security on a National Level essay

Buy custom Cyber Security on a National Level essay

With the wide spread of technology, the current internet communication is turning the entire world into a village. However, this technological development is highly compromised by hackers and hence, declining cyber security. A valid and universal policy solution to this situation is therefore, important if the world must realize the intended use of technology in communication.

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Valuable data, especially for economic and military use must be transmitted in a confidential system. In the case of militia, any information accessed by hackers could be used to fight them back posing a serious security problem to the country concerned. Likewise, if the natonal innovations are hacked before the actual implementation, companies will experience a high economic loss. All the stakeholders, led by the sitting government should secure the whole internet communication system with numerous alternative strategies.

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The first step towards the realization secure internet communication is to compel all the internet service providers to provide encrypted data only. Though the system would be quite expensive, data transmitted across different networks will be secure. On a similar score, a comprehensive tracking system to the existing IP addresses should be installed at the national level.

This tracking system sshould provide all the relevant information leading to the arrest of the hackers. The system should as well be able to delete the hacked data before it becomes visible to the hacker. At the individual level, cyber operators should install strict identification procedures before their customers use the service. This is because most of these hackers contact their business at different cyber cafes to confuse the source of the act.  

Finally for effective implementation, the universal policy should be accompanied by tough penalties, owing to the fact that it would be simple to track the hackers. With all these strategies put in place, internet communication will be secure.

Buy custom Cyber Security on a National Level essay

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