Free Custom «Contents of Windows Help and Support Center» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Contents of Windows Help and Support Center» Essay Sample

Windows Help and Support Center is an electronic handbook that guides Windows users on how to use the operating system. The manual is available offline or online. To date, Windows Help and Support Center is installed on all Windows operating systems. The contents are in the form of charts, tables and procedural directions. All this aims at answering the most relevant users’ questions that Windows. Windows Help and Support Center provides users with search feature, table of contents, online assistance and remote network assistance. All this allows connecting friends, who will help to cope with various problems (Johnson, 2006).

Johnson (2006) argues that an ideal Windows Help and Support Center must have three skins: “how to get started with a computer”, “Windows basics”, and “browsing on help topics”. “How to get started” skin informs the users on how to transfer files from another computer, how to add users’ accounts on the computer, the ways of backing up files customizing one’s computer through changing the desktops background, themes, colors, and sounds.


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Windows basics inform the user on the simple features and functionality of a computer, its parts and different ways of using these parts as well as programs and Internet among other features (Microsoft Corporation, 2003). It also informs the user on the desktop, programs and ways of generating files and folders. Apart from that, Windows basic can answer the user’s questions concerning the Internet use and emailing. The browse help topics are a simple clickable outline of various topics that usually addresses several relevant issues that may arise while using the Windows. Once the user has a problem, the help topics help to solve it. Some of the browsable topics include “how to get started”, “security and privacy”, and “networking and Internet” among others.

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