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Custom Society Essay

Aging essay

Nowadays, the modern world is witnessing many problems: global warming, greenhouse effects, overpopulation, and so on. Aging is one of the world’s problems and achievements at the same time. According to its definition, aging is a phenomenon when the ratio of older people in society or ... Read more »

Consuming Asian America: Food, Fusion and Multiculturalism essay

America has been known as a multiethnic and multicultural country. As it is open to different cultures, it welcomes different cuisines and various cultural experiences. “Multiculturalism” as an ideology has impacted society’s consumption of “Asian America” leading to ... Read more »

Debunking the Myth of Gender Wage Inequality essay

Introduction Recently, many contentions of a pay gap between men and women in the labor market have been observed. Specifically, opponents have linked these disparities to gender bias in society. Similarly, Hillary Clinton, who is a renown sexist and politician, has advocated the implementation of ... Read more »

Ethics Reflection Paper essay

Ethical Models/ Rules/ Views Ethical models provide the guidelines for judging right or wrong decisions. Different rules/views/models of ethics can be used to make ethical decisions. The decisions made are analyzed by these models. These models show the values, cultural features and personal ... Read more »

How Can Ethnic Conflicts Be Avoided? essay

Introduction Modern humanity is a complex ethnic system, which includes several thousands of different ethnic communities (nations, nationalities, tribes, ethnic groups, etc.). At the same time, they all differ from each other in both their number and the level of development. The unevenness of ... Read more »

Illegal Immigrants essay

For the majority of American citizens, the issue of immigration remains quite emotional and volatile. Rhetoric, controversies, and standpoints regarding the influence of immigration on the American economy are highly debated. Without any doubts, ethnic groups and people of any nationality bring ... Read more »

Life in the Desert essay

      Today, when people are given the opportunity to enjoy the latest scientific inventions and technological advances, it is difficult to imagine that someone cannot use the fruits of civilization. The society has developed so much that its physiological and security needs are ... Read more »

Moral Decisions essay

Many reasons support the argument that American society should combine both moral relativism and moral absolutism when making moral decisions. Moral absolutism relies on generally accepted principles such as natural law when making decisions. The universal law determines whether the actions are ... Read more »

Poverty and Unemployment in Egypt essay

Egypt is regarded as one of the wealthiest nations in the world due to Hollywood images of pyramids and numerous ancient riches. However, poverty and unemployment is experienced by most of the citizens. The nation has an overall population of about eighty million people. Thirty-three percent of ... Read more »

Social Consequences of the Human Sex Ratio Imbalance essay

The human sex ratio imbalance is a rare phenomenon unless additional manipulations. The male-female ratio is relatively the same in every generation. However, there are some natural changes that occur at birth and during the development. The factors causing the alterations include multiple births, ... Read more »

Social Stratification essay

According to the research of the Economic Policy Institute (2015), 35 millions of Americans earn less than $10.55 an hour. These numbers mean that 26 percent of the country’s workers try to survive as well as raise their children on the minimum wage. Considering the experience of Barbara ... Read more »

Summary of "Race: The Power of an Illusion" essay

Race: The Power of an Illusion consists of six sections, which represent the most substantial issues about a race and racism. Every particular section examines important questions referred to the definition of the race and its conception, the division of people according to possible categories and ... Read more »

The Importance of Paid Paternity Leave essay

Despite America being a highly-developed state, paternity leaves have received acclaim and support in at least 70 countries worldwide but it. The research has indicated that only one percent of men in the world think that paternity leaves are completely inappropriate, and if they become a ... Read more »

Vulnerable Population: Downers Grove, IL essay

Vulnerability refers to a degree, to which a group or a population is susceptible to disasters, abuse and ill-treatment (WHO, 2016). The vulnerable population comprises people who often cannot cope with the normal routine of life because they are disadvantaged in one way or the other. Just like ... Read more »

Water as a Precious Resource essay

Water is one of the most precious resources that human beings cannot do without. As opposed to other valuable minerals and natural resources, water is an essential component of human daily survival. Despite the clear knowledge of the essence of water and its scarcity, human beings continue to ... Read more »

Women's Rights in Afghanistan essay

Introduction During Taliban’s reign in Afghanistan, women became victims of sexism. The Taliban claimed that it wanted a secure environment where dignity and chastity of women were sanctified. The Taliban forced women to wear a face-veiling haïk so that they would not corrupt men from ... Read more »
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