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Free Custom «Writing to Inform» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Writing to Inform» Essay Sample

The age of human exploration of space has begun approximately in the early 1970s. The creation of new branch of science, Astrophysics, marked the beginning of the twenty-first century. The purpose of Astrophysics is to study the celestial bodies and the mechanics of the Universe. Thus, Astrophysics contributes to the studying of the Universe and its origin. Apart from that, Astrophysics proves that science is essential for finding solutions to some of the most pressing problems that the world is facing these days. The following paper aims at exploring Astrophysics through its potential to contribute to solving some of the most urgent problems of our age. 

The University of Toledo is one of the outposts of Astrophysics, an educational establishment and, at the same time, a research facility, at which some of the most recent discoveries in the field of Astronomy are made. Scholars at this university use high-tech tools “to find tell-tale clues to the nature of universe” (Hussain). The Department of Astronomy at the University of Toledo has a rich history (Hussain). Currently, the Astronomy group at this establishment focuses its researches on understanding stars’ life cycle. Learning the physics of stars may potentially give insight into the physics of larger celestial bodies, which, in its turn, is the key to the perception of the mechanics that had been involved in the creation of the Universe. The implications associated with humanity, which finally lead to unrevealing the mystery of the origin of life, are still beyond the majorities’ comprehension. Numerous evidences prove that scientists can solve the secrets of the Universe origin, though it will require significant efforts and many years of further advancement of science and technology. Nevertheless, since many other topical and urgent issues that need solving exist, the authorities of the world’s leading countries do not provide the sufficient financial support of science as their number one priority. To some extent, for that particular reason, further development of science and technology largely depends on the enthusiasm of amateurs, who have a keen interest in science.

Researchers have managed to identify some specific factors that may have caused stagnation of science in general and Astronomy in particular. These factors include deliberate sabotage of the engineering disciplines other than the ones that have practical application, economic downturn, and supplementary role of science that the educators support (Chaple 14). Nowadays, scholars tend to pay closer attention to IT and other technologies related to video and computer game industries mostly due to the popularity of such spheres among the consumers. It occurs mainly due to the consumerist nature of the society and market economy, as opposed to promoting an interest in making a real world contribution to science and technology. As a result, certain branches of science, such as Astronomy, develop slower. Pursuing science requires more time than most of the curricula and syllabi suggest. Therefore, many scholars recommend that educators pay closer attention to students’ attitudes toward science in general and Astronomy in particular (Bektaşli 139). Lastly, economic problems that exist prevent science and technology from developing properly.

The first few years of a new century and a new millennium have marked the creation of a new cultural, artistic, and scientific era. Humanity is in need of learning how to respond adequately, promptly and effectively to the contemporary threats and challenges. Many scholars prove that advancing science can be a key to finding solution to almost all urgent problems of the modern world. Considering such state of affairs, one can recommend to pay closer attention to the development of science, as well as be ready to take responsibility for failing to do it.

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