Free Custom «Indecent Proposal» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Indecent Proposal» Essay Sample

The film Indecent Proposal tells a story about the offer, which is difficult to refuse. When the couple in love is suffering a financial collapse, suddenly appears a rich man, who is ready to give great sum of money for one night with the wife of the protagonist. Both the husband and wife are in doubt. It is an exposition of the movie this paper tells about.

The process of making a difficult decision by another person is always interesting to watch because it is an action. What will the person choose in an emergency is even more intriguing. In this film, there appears a problem of choice, the outcome of which is quite unpredictable. In addition, the main characters have to deal with it. The movie could be called fantasy; it does not look like the real life. It should be noted that the film is full of stereotypes. It is possible to guess what will happen in the next two or three episodes.

The union of David and Diana Murphy is quite realistic. They are suit each other quite well, but the viewers have to remember what their romance is ensued on. Diana needs emotional explosions, one of which brought her to her current husband. However, routine slowly but surely ruins her feminine pride. David should appreciate his wife; Diana is always near him in a difficult moment and does not even resist the adventurous attempt to hit the jackpot in Vegas.


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The main characters run into debt, taking large loans to realize the dream. However, instead of working and solving the problem, they are going to play in the casino. Suddenly there appears a person who is ready to pay a lot of money for the honor of David’s wife. It is a controversial offer for a couple in love who stuck in debt.

The director does not give a clear answer to what happened that fateful night, and the audience along with the jealous husband of Diana suffer from the issue of whether she has betrayed David or not. Despite the fact that the family tries to live as nothing has happened for some time, their relationship begins to crumble due to mistrust, suspicion, and resentment. Then Diana, who fiercely hates billionaire John Gage for his cynicism, becomes his girlfriend.

Some plot twists struck me as not entirely logical. For example, at the end the audience learns that the whole story of the night for a million is just an entertainment for the rich, and Diana is not the love of John’s life, but only one of the lovers. In this case, one point is incomprehensible. Why a billionaire, having included her into his collection of girls after one night, spends so much time and effort to win her back. First, he goes to courses for immigrants, where Diana teaches, then buys a house through an agency where she works. It is not clear why he does all this only in order to admit that she was a toy in the end. Perhaps John wanted to show that he could get more than one night and buy not only the body of Diana but her attitude, albeit dishonestly. Indeed, in the beginning Diana challenges billionaire, stating that she is not for sale. However, such actions do not look like the behavior of a serious businessman.

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In conclusion, it should be noted that the film evokes rather contradictory impressions, but it is worth seeing. Despite the fact that the movie has a happy ending, it leaves food for thought. The viewer, throughout the plot, experiences a little disappointment in all three main characters. Therefore, at the end there is a slight misunderstanding about whether the ending is happy or not.

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