Free Custom «Zacherlhaus and Brunello Cucinelli» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Zacherlhaus and Brunello Cucinelli» Essay Sample

The Zacherlhaus building was built between 1903 and 1905. The building is found in the 1st District of Vienna within the city center (Alofsin 49). During that period, the main reason for construction of this building was for both residential and business purpose. Despite the fact that other people rented the apartments for domestic purposes, others used them for business related issues (Architectural Press Limited 29). The architect who designed this building was Joze Plecnik. His artistic work was praised since it was among the first modern building built in Vienna. The erection of the building was made to order by Johann Evangelist Zacherl who was the son of the celebrated industrialist, Johann Zacherl. Notably, the common features of the building are the façade, which is made of grey polished granites and the cornice that is also attractive on first sight. However, the buildings most significant feature is the oval shaped stairwells that look like an insect. Arguably, this feature was developed in the construction of the building to signify insecticides (Pirker 35). Initially, the Zacherl family was involved in an insecticide production business which made them rich and thus, the potential to come up with the new tower of Zacherlhaus.


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After the construction of the building was complete, the building played different roles to the environment where it was built. As noted before, the building was constructed in Vienna. The major impact of the building to the built environment is that it contributed majorly on the economic growth (Sp%u0101r%u012Btis 109). The building served both residential and business purposes. Regarding that, more people moved to that area and the demand of different goods and services rose. This contributed to economic growth. Moreover, the use of the building for business purposes created employment opportunities for the residents since new enterprises were set up. Apart from those, the building was also a tourist attraction. Initially, it was noted that this was among the first modern building to be erected in Vienna. This made it attractive and most people came from other cities just to have a view of the building. Moreover, the magnificent nature of the building also played a huge role in the environment of Vienna. Unlike the initial appearance, the whole city of Vienna became beautiful and appealing even to visitors of the city since the building was magnificent.

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However, after the 1944 World War II, the building was damaged and they had to refurbish it in 1949 (Surhone 2010). It returned its magnificent look and unlike in the past where it was used for both residential and business purpose, today they only use it for office purposes. The descendants of Zacherl are the ones who own the building today.

Brunello Cucinelli

Brunello Cucinelli is a fashion company based in Solomeo, Italy. The company is named after its founder who is well known as Brunello Cucinelli (Anderson 89). After several years of fashion business, the company recently joined the few companies that are ranked as billionaires (Gollin 20). Notably, this company targets all the market since they deal with almost all wears. However, they mainly target the adults and since most of their wears are not for children and the old. Among the common wears found in their shops are miniskirts, shorts, dress pants, belts, sandals and leather jackets (Kirsten 59). The Brunello Company has a well branded essence and that has contributed majorly to their success in the fashion world. Their brand is inspired from the Italian tradition where they come up with new styles from. This makes them unique in the markets and they manage to attract more customers unlike the other companies which have almost same brands. This is where they get their main strength. However, the company too has weaknesses which must be looked to before they become a threat to their business. As noted, their main target market is adults (Meurs 77). This leaves out the children and the old in the market target. However, this is dangerous for a business unit that is competing with the other major companies. They need to check on the matter and introduce the children wears too. Arguably, even it is the children who are bought for clothes mostly. This implies that they contribute more in the fashion industry. Since this company does not have the children wear, they loss this market and the other companies beat them from there.

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With thorough research in the market, the Brunello Company also has business opportunities. Their opportunities also come from their establishment all over Italy. There are many companies that wish to work with them since they know they produce high quality wears and they beat deadlines. Regarding that, they have opportunity to work with schools and other institutions that need to have uniforms. These institutions might sign contracts with company so that they become their main supplier. Additionally, they are more known for fashion and at the same time different agencies in Italy involve in fashion shows. This imply that the can earn that contract too to design for them wears during the fashion shows and other occasions. Despite their success in the fashion world so far, different people have different perspective concerning their brand. A huge number of people believe that they are the best and stand a chance of running the fashion i8ndustry for a long time (ROGERS 82). Moreover, most people believe that the Brunello are creative since their brand is unique from the other company’s brand. Although there are a few critics who claim that the Brunello Cucinelli are not creative since their wears are almost same in design.

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