Free Custom «Week Eleven Forum» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Week Eleven Forum» Essay Sample

In the modern society, it would be difficult to overlook the role of the autonomous individual in advertising. The ‘other’, often looked down in the modern society as useless and most probably not experienced in life and would to attract the attention of viewers and hence buy the advertised commodity. The advertisement would show how the product would create a considerable change in the public, just the way it has changed the autonomous individual. In a recent advertisement, a Latin American uses the pears soap, in a video and comes out very shinny such that no one could differentiate her from the whites.

Surrealism is not recent in advertisement as it dates back to the 19th century. The fashion industry mostly used it to advertise. It as well includes the use of almost nude photos to attract the attention of men and provoke them buy the advertised commodity. In a recent advertisement, a video plays a half-naked woman selling Toyota cars in the city’s famous show room. Men flock to the show room hoping to find that woman, but in reality, no such woman in the showroom. In another advertisement, an extremely beautiful woman displays how to dress men suits to a man in a boutique in the capital city. This action attracts numerous men, who rush to the boutique, hopping that woman appearing in the video would as well dress them.


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In both the incidents, the advertisements provoke the interest of all its viewers, and therefore, create unstoppable desire to see the reality. Such desire creates demand and hence, the customer ultimately buys the advertised commodity.

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