Free Custom «Violence Caused by Video Games» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Violence Caused by Video Games» Essay Sample

It is often argued that video games make people violent and aggressive toward the surrounding world. Psychologists, pediatricians, and other specialists agree that this hobby encourages violence. They have thoroughly studied video games and their effects on human conduct. The researchers asked some people to play for a few minutes, and then observed the changes in their behavior. They revealed that one person may react calmly to videos games, while another may show irritation and aggression. Today, most of the gamers prefer to compete and demonstrate their skills. They do not explore, and they are not inclined to expanding self-knowledge. Therefore, video games containing violence increase anger, and various disorders, including mental health issues, and if no urgent measures are taken today, the situation may become worse in the future.

As a result of cruel massacres that took place at some schools and universities of the United States, law enforcement agencies, reporters, psychologists, and ordinary citizens started to pay particular attention to the killers’ identity and their habits. The researchers have carefully examined the long-debated issue, namely the link between violent films, TV shows and aggression among young people. Parents also worry about their children’s preferences, hobbies, and habits, particularly when they play video games containing drug use, blood, shooting, death, and sexual content.


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Friedman, the editor of Encyclopedia of Mental Health, claims that kids playing violent video games are more likely to demonstrate aggression toward their parents and peers (357). It does not necessarily have to be a criminal activity. However, there is an undeniable and irrefutable connection between the high level of aggression, malice, and other disastrous effects and those children who prefer to spend their leisure time playing violent video games. Unfortunately, there is still no evidence linking juvenile delinquency or criminal violence with video games content. Due to watching scenes of virtual violence on a daily basis, people lose understanding that aggression is not acceptable in the modern society. The more teenagers get involved in games containing blood, cruelty, and force, the more their behavior becomes aggressive and deviant.

It is often argued that the mass media and video game industry promote violence. The main feature of ardent players is the repetitive character of the action. It means that they play computer games day by day. If a child rarely plays a shooter or a cruel survival game, it will not cause much effect. However, if it happens constantly, the consequences might be irreversible. Children who spend long hours playing video games are more prone to developing violent and aggressive tendencies in comparison with their peers who play for fewer hours. The topic is also discussed among politicians. Two years ago, President Obama addressed the issue of gun violence that causes harm to American society. He also urged congressmen to allocate money for examining how games containing violence and cruelty affect adolescents and their immature minds (Beck, Balfe, and Beck 180).

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Fascination with video games is associated with scenes of cruelty and atrocity that bring about a high risk of aggressive behavior, including fighting, property damage, and school problems, namely conflicts with teachers, classmates, and low scores. It is important to understand the causes and consequences. In the course of time, socially isolated children may demonstrate more interest in playing aggressive video games. These kids are less able to learn so that educational problems are a logical consequence of their attitude and behavior. However, playing aggressive games helps some troubled kids release the anger (Kutner and Olson 112). Patel, Simon, and Taylor describe the violence as a contagious issue and compare it to infectious diseases (41). The strength of human immune system alters the course of infection. In accordance with this analogy, a violent video gamer weakens his/her immune system from the psychological point of view, and he/she is not always able to manage anger in everyday life.

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Various risk factors lead to aggression in the behavior of young and adult people. Constant interest in playing video games containing violent scenes is one of such factors. Therefore, parents should not encourage their kids to play shooters or commit murders virtually, since it may lead to irreversible consequences in real life. If families choose science as their guide, they will be able to prevent harm and potential hazards caused by video game violence. The entire situation requires moral approval of parents and steadfastness of their decision.

The concerned people urge to change the industry completely. They want to redesign video games by making them more appropriate for the psychological development, age and increased parental control over their content. Moreover, the developers support the radical transformation of the rating system that reflects the level of game violence. However, emergence of aggressive thoughts and verbal expressions may negatively affect the players’ lives and psyche. The majority of them becomes violent and less compassionate.

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The debates over the connection between video games and human behavior are controversial. However, recent studies have led to the conclusion that entertainment and hobbies containing violent elements generate aggressive behavior among ardent players. Therefore, it is not an exaggeration that virtual violence leads to violence in real life. The effects of video games on young people’s behavior have long been a primary concern for policymakers, parents, and psychologists. Therefore, there is an urgent need to diminish the level of aggressive behavior among adolescents through developing effective programs and promoting parental involvement in the kids’ upbringing. The majority of pediatricians and researchers agree that violent scenes cause harm to children since their psyche is not fully formed.

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