Free Custom «The Purpose of the Program» Essay Sample

Free Custom «The Purpose of the Program» Essay Sample

The purpose of this quality improvement initiative is to explore what contributes to the low service delivery in the hospital. In its turn, this will facilitate the coming up with strategies to deal with the problems that will be established as contributing to the low service delivery in the hospital. Besides, this program is focused on coming up with techniques to improve service delivery, which requires setting of goals to be met, educating of nurses on how to deal with the established problems and on quality improvement. Additionally, this program requires the involvement of nurses as changes to be effected affect them, too, and their contribution is necessary to prevent discontent. Thus, the initiative also explores the channel through which the nurses can communicate their ideas regarding the changes to be effected, as this will facilitate them to be posted in areas that they are conversant with in order to deal away with role conflict. Finally, the program is aimed at collecting information from customers in order to ascertain the areas that need the quality improvement and suggestions regarding how the services mentioned can be improved (Meisenheimer, 1997). This information will be analyzed statistically to establish the worst performing areas and ways to implement, improve and monitor the changes instituted.


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Target Population

Nurses form the largest target audience for this initiative because they will be involved directly in ensuring success of the program. Besides, they form the main audience for this initiative because their contribution is highly recommended concerning how the changes should be effected as changes also affect them directly; thus, their involvement will deal away with dissatisfaction in the new areas that they will be expected to serve. Customers are also the target audience for this initiative. According to McLaughlin, Johnson & Sollecito (2011), customers are part of the target audience because they should be informed about the intended changes in the quality improvement so that they can have confidence in the organization. Additionally, customers are part of the audience because they need to be educated regarding their rights and the channel that they should follow in case they feel the service offered to them is unsatisfactory. Lastly, the management is also part of the audience because they ought to listen to suggestions from the subordinates, which will influence their decision-making in regards to the changes intended. Top management is a sponsor of the program; thus, their consent is needed and they ought to be briefed regarding what initiative is intended to be undertaken.

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Benefits of the Program

The program is intended to deal away with disgruntled nurses concerning reorganization initiated without consulting them. Notably, the new director will get a podium to address the nurses regarding reorganization and nurses will contribute to reorganization through outlining how they desire the reorganization instilled. Secondly, the program is beneficial because it will evaluate the quality of service provided to the customers and point out areas that need to be improved. For instance, the program will ensure that services are coordinated within the organization and nurses do not miss duty on purpose, which will force the nurse leader to respond to emergencies that he or she should be coordinating from the office (McLaughlin & Kaluzny, 2006). Quality evaluation is necessary for all organizations as it ensures customer satisfaction. Another benefit abounds from the fact that there will be a thriving relationship between top management and nurses. This results from the fact that nurses will feel included in the decision-making process, which will give them a sense of belonging and not been sidelined.

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Budget Justification

All personnel are in place. The principal investigator, co-investigator and other personnel have been selected. The program is projected to run for two months within which the personnel are expected to provide their report regarding quality improvement. Administrative and clerical charges will be treated as F&A costs. Statistical consultants will be hired from the National Statistics Company, and they will be paid for 60 days that they have worked. Travel costs will also be relevant because consultants and assigned directors of the project will be visiting various health institutions to compare the services offered. Only travel expenses will be incurred as the travel will be local, and no lodging fees will be necessary. The directors and consultants will have $2000 travel allowance. Patient care costs are also relevant, and $200,000 will be set aside for routine costs and ancillary medical services (Swansburg, 1997). Facilities and administrative costs will be catered for by the government, which means there is no need for specifying them. Other costs include tuition for nurses, which will amount to $20,000, equipment maintenance expenses $10,000 and finally, communication and printing charges set at $2,000 per month.

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Project Evaluation Basis

The goals and objectives of the initiative will be available so that progress can be determined in relation to the goals and objectives. Inasmuch as it is a continuous process, the previous year information will also be added as a basis for evaluation. This will be compared to the targeted process in order to determine how the continuous quality improvement program is performing. Performance indicators such as the cause and effect diagram and control chart will be used to monitor the process. Meisenheimer (1997) opines that these are essential because the cause and effect diagram helps in identifying the causes of a problem, in encouraging participation of the team and instilling knowledge regarding the process, while the control chart helps in monitoring the process.

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