Free Custom «The Language of Leadership» Essay Sample

Free Custom «The Language of Leadership» Essay Sample

Machiavelli was a civil servant and more important, a best friend close to powerful chaps. Machiavelli offered counsel to princess on the greatest method to rule the citizens. His advice is still applicable to 21st Century leaders, since authority remains a crucial aspect of modern corporate and political life. Whereas Machiavelli’s proposals for political and social mobility seemed to be excessively zealous, his policies were realistic for getting as well as preserving power (Drew, 2003). Some of his advice may still be relevant to modern society (Clawson, 2012). There have been several technological counsels that have made life simple for a lot of citizens. All at once, society developed systems that are advanced as well as easier to manipulate. For instance, there are more chances to control resources since systems have turn out to be more complex. Making use of opportunities for own gain is currently more secret than some of the homicidal conquest depicted by Machiavelli (Simmons, 2006).


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The advice of prince on evil and virtue suggested that utilizing ethics and values in handling others is a weakness. In the ending, wickedness will win out and the aim is to get them, sooner than they find you (American Psychological Association, 2010). Actually, this advice may still be relevant nowadays. Leadership in corporations like WorldCom and Enron considered individual gain over the interests of the stakeholder (the reputation of the company, stakeholders, and employees). Machiavelli’s got a bad rap for being a cut-throat, ruthless kind of man. However, in this context, his leadership vision softens as well as his description of a good leader really sounds transformational, which is the leadership style coveted by administration circles nowadays. Among the adopted precepts by Machiavelli, leaders must at all times mask their true intent, avoid discrepancy, and act frequently against humanity, against mercy, against religion, against faith, against frankness, against religion, so as to preserve the state (Macklem, 2006). 

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