Free Custom «Security Officers Training and Development» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Security Officers Training and Development» Essay Sample


Security agencies are run by both the private and public sector, yet they have one goal; that is, to provide security to every bank, firm and business entity that requires it. This research paper is aimed at looking at the protection and safeguarding techniques deployed by the American government in ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all her citizens. Dating from the infamous bombing of the twin towers, it has become clear that motherland America needs to be protected and guarded jealously in order to assure the citizens that the country is still a free land. Due to the fact that more than 400 police officers and firefighters died, (History, 2013)the need to strengthen the internal security system stands unquenched. This work looks at the best method of training the law enforcing agents. Both the practical and theoretical ways of staff training are reviewed and critiqued.

Section 1:


The background of the problem is strongly rooted and based on the constant terrorist attacks on America. This realisation brought the attention of both the public and private security institutions to realise that need of more intense training and arms for more serious and valued areas nationwide. Given that this is the post 9/11 era, no risks are left unaddressed. Applied research work shows that America gets attacked more than any other country, (InfoPlease, 2013). These attacks are both from external and internal forces thus the security needs to be upgraded.


Number of pages

Problem Statement

Protecting a business area has never been an easy task. It needs focus and attention- even more so when you are an officer of the law. (Hayes-Jonkers, Pointing, & Clough, 2012). This research addresses the challenges that private security officers meet in their field of training. The research focuses on the challenges that they meet and how the government trains its own security officers.

Hook: The great depression suffered in the financial year 2008-2009 caused closure to a lot of companies and taxpayers lost their servings. (Guo, 2011)

Anchor: This also includes training security officers thoroughly, building security networks that are user friendly and at the same time, business safe. Just as SAPexperts/BI says:

“Key Concept- Security measures are required when users log in to SAP NetWeaver Portal to access SAP BusinessObjects reports. To successfully secure these reports, the security administrator has to build security around SAP NetWeaver Portal, BusinessObjects applications, BusinessObjects content such as groups and folders, and InfoProviders, BEx queries, and InfoObjects.” (Kunta, 2012)

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Thus the security administrator has to be facilitated in order to be able to provide enough and adequate information for the security officers to be able to use the system, since this is part of their job. In addition to this, the security administrator has to keep the applications up to date and in sync at any given time.

Foundation of the Study

A big research was conducted in 2008 to try and see the best way of training. The effects of instructor based and self-based training program were under study to see how staff behaved. (Manzo, 2013). At the end, results indicated that the self-study training group responded more correctly. In the private hotel and touring industry, the need for well-trained officers in order to improve the business system is needed and has to be implemented somehow. (Glasser, 2013) “This article addresses general and hotel specific business continuity management program basics including senior management buy-in...mitigation and recovery strategies as supported in a business continuity plan.” Thus this study aims at looking at the need of strong security force from a business perspective because close inspection leads to the realisation that businessis need to be protected for profit to be clearly attained. 

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The research is founded upon the basis of a free spirit that opens room for competition and high returns. “In the years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, some 400 local governments passed “Bill of Rights” resolutions in opposition to the USA PATRIOT Act”. (Ion, 2009) Security officers’ training and development is founded on the belief that for any respectful ground there has to be some means of protection and shield from the external factors.

Research Questions

The following questions have been used in strengthening the magnitude that this research carries. The questions will be asked in depth in the questionnaires that will be given to the various security officers and citizens in the malls. These will help strengthen the research and help gather prompts and information from Americans.

  1. What are the ways of managing authentication for anyone entering the premises, workers and visitors alike? (Getz, 2012)
  2. What is the best way for training security officers for big shopping complex?
  3. What are the different levels of security importance and how are they differentiated?
  4. Are organizations responsible for the safety of their employees?
  5. Is there a gap in the training methods implemented by the private and public sectors?
  6. Is there enough awareness and data given out to counteract and effectively respond to terrorists both in and out of the business field?


This research is based on qualitative analysis. Field work will be done and conducted by the researcher. Questionnaires need to be drawn up and people interviewed. A lot of interviews will be done during the research. This is because the target group are the workforce within the business sector and time to fully answer the questionnaires might prove to be a hindrance to the research work in general.

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Research Work

This project requires a lot of research work due to its nature. For an analysis to be made, there has to be research work done prior to coming up with the research questions. The research aims to cover both the private and public sector thus both sectors have to be equally balanced. As economists review it, there are factors that go hand in hand with studying the infrastructural security system and these are;

  1. Financial considerations of terror protection
  2. Understanding the risk posed by a terrorist threat
  3. Perceptions regarding the shared responsibility of government and firms in dealing with catastrophes
  4. Government funds available to address these catastrophes influence the degree of expenditures on protection. (Hayes & Ebinger, 2011)

Data Collection Techniques

In this project, data will be collected mainly by the researcher. The methods implemented in data collection are article reviews, interviewing security officers both in the private and public sectors in order to fully compare and contrast the differences in their work due to the type of training they receive. Questionnaires will be answered by the public in general and also by the security officers.

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Section 2

The Project

Purpose Statement

The main aim and purpose of this study is to draw a conclusive statement that supports the fact that study based on practical training is more powerful than that based on the theoretical side of doing things. (Training, 2013)The researcher will collect a number of articles online and interview some security guards and/ or police officers to find out how they were trained. The researcher is the main tool as he drives this research work.

The method of research that will be followed is qualitative that will then be supported by quantitative analysis in order to give the overall frame some weight. Articles involving a long term study of “sit-based login mechanisms that train users to log in safely.” (Herzberg, 2012) This form of research is thorough and not expensive, as a student, it is very user friendly and traceable because scholarly articles online will be used for referencing.

The population that is distinctly aimed at are the active citizens in the workforce. The security managers, officers and implementers as well as trainers. (Antje, 2009). The aspect of training in groups and singulars will be reviewed to find the advantages and disadvantages associated. (Kebbel- Wyen, 2011) (Hayes & Ebinger, 2011)

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This paper will look at the American citizens as the terrorists attacks are aimed inland America. The use of cyberspace training as one of the methods will be reviewed. (Furman, Theofanos, Choong, & Stanton, 2011).  The study might contribute to society by educating everyone interested in venturing into the security system. The business stand to benefit from this project and learn the standards of training that are accepted. (Markovitz, 2012)

Role of Researcher

The researcher plays a vital role in conducting and implementing the methodology of carrying out the research. The work involved in this project needs an active person who will go over articles and compare them in order to decide which method works best. The interviewer can also act as the researcher as this will give the project a more focused and detailed direction and reduce chances of confusion.

Since this is business oriented research, a background of business is needed thus a business majoring student s the perfect candidate for research. Study shows that researching on a topic that one has knowledge of is the best option. (Wang, Kretschmer, & Hartman, 2009).

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The researcher will do the field work, come up with the questions, the structure of the questionnaire and do the interviews. In the end, the researcher will write down all the findings from the research conducted and present the project as one document.

Data collection and Analysis

The method of analysis is a step by step sequence that starts with assessing individual items in order to identify the elements that helped draw the hypothesis. Then the research question was derived from this analysis. From the research question- problem statement, the research questions were given fourth. The research questions are then compiled to make a questionnaire that will be the main method of data collection. The researcher then comes into use as he samples the answers in order to draw up a conclusion from the research. Articles on previous works done in line with security training and development are compared to the findings and a substantial conclusion is drawn.

Reliability and Validity

The project is reliable as the research work is done by the researcher personally and can substantiate and validate the findings with the help of articles retrieved online and also show the questionnaires answered at different levels of the research work. The articles reviewed are peer reviewed meaning that the experts in various fields were quoted and the direction drawn from them. The data collected dates from 5 years down thus it is valid and applies to the current project as it qualifies for current affairs.

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The background of the research makes it a valid one, the 9/11 attacks will forever be etched on the hearts and minds of most Americans and the fact that this research springs from there, makes it justified to take the topic into such serious study.

Summary of Work Done

The work done in this project can be summarized as follows;

The problem statement was recognised and worked on in order to develop research questions. The researcher digs back into time and recognises the root of the 9/11 fears and the need to upgrade the security levels in the business world, this includes e businesses. (Mishra, 2011). The study then wraps up with looking at, comparing and contrasting between the security personnel in the government and in the private sectors.

Section 3

Application to Professional Practise and Implications of Study

Professionals within the field of security and events management will find the project useful as it will give out pointers form the people who are directly. The basic issues that people face in the business operational area (Gaff, Smedinghoff, & Sor, 2012) will be brought to light and people will finally get to learn how to deal with certain situations in malls and firms.

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This research works applies to the modern day American because the interviews will be done anonymously for those who wish to retain their privacy yet educating the public on the risks and benefits in business and security agents.


In May 2013, the researcher introduced the project and interview objectives to the target group. Contacts to groups and people who were factored out as essential for the success of this project were factored out and contacted- notified of what to expect. The staff of one particular mall was asked to cooperate for part of their day so that no commotion would be caused during the interviewing period. The way to reach the goal of the research is to acknowledge that this should be carried out as professionally as possible because it involves business minded people. The research plan is set out to be conducted in a fun and educative manner to allow everyone to be as comfortable and natural as possible.

Presentation of the Findings

The findings, that is, the conclusion and step by step work done in working out this project are presented in a single document that has the step by step proceedings

Review and Recommendations

Project is user friendly and can be used by anyone from the experts to an average student.

Summary and Conclusion of this Study

This research was done with the mind set of involving everyone and it does that. The methodology and method implemented makes it user friendly and valid. The research is done in such a way that it can be credited as a strong document to be read by anyone in the security office management and conduction. In a conclusive statement, the project is bound to be a success as it is simple to follow through. The project was a success as it shows the challenges and conquests faced by private security officers post the 9/11 incident. 

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