Free Custom «Relationships» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Relationships» Essay Sample

Question 1

The two concepts explored in the article are the reasons for the formation of relationships and the dynamics of the relationships. As far as the reason as to why we form relationships is concerned the author notes that “sometimes, we have no choice… [and]...in other cases… we seek out some people and actively avoid others” (Adler, & Proctor, 2001). He goes ahead to discuss various reason why people seek out others and active avoid others. I regard to relationship dynamics, the article notes that “even the most stable relationships vary from day to day and over long periods of time” (Adler & Proctor, 2001).

I have seen how applicable these concepts are in life through an observation of my own relationships. I tend to seek out people who are similar to me yet different that they can compliment on my shortcomings. As far as relationship dynamics are concerned I have experience various dialectic tensions and used different approaches to manage them.


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I am currently experiencing inclusion-seclusion dialectic tension in one of my close relationship-my relationship with my aunt who took care of me since I was young by doubling up as my nanny. She lived with us at our home but later moved to another city. She invited me to her new home years later and helped me get a part time job. Have worked for three years on this job, I raised a sizable sum of saving and moved to rent my own apartment. Occasionally, I feel sad that I have left her alone especially since her children live oversees and her husband passed away. On the other hand,  I feel a sense of achievement for the freedom I have achieved, and I am torn between the joy of freedom of the warmth of family. This encouraged me to find a way of dealing with this tension. I use alternation strategy since I cannot have the better of the two worlds at the same time. I alternate between staying at my place and visiting my aunt and spending time with her. In most cases, I visit my aunt during the weekend and but spend weekdays including Fridays at my place.

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Questions from concepts:

What influences us to form relations with specific people and not others?

What dynamics commonly influence human relationships?

Question 2

The project I propose is a project Education and Economic Improvement. The project will specifically aim at improving the economic standing of the members of the community through increasing their educational attainment.

I am interested in this idea because most people live in poverty due their ability to secure well paying jobs curtsey of their low educational attainment. These people live in squalor conditions due to poor housing; have poor health due to poor contaminated living conditions and poor nutrition. These people cannot afford nutritious food and healthcare.

Before settling on this project I consulted reliable sources on current human affairs. The sources noted that law education attainment was at the core of continuous poverty. According to Books (2004) and UNESCO (2001) poverty made it impossible for children to get adequate education and additional training after their elementary education this undermined their ability to get well paying jobs that can help them pay for the basic need in life.

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I am comfortable at using various research resources both online and print. I am comfortable with online books and journal as well as website. I have the ability to go through different resources and compile useful information for drawing practical conclusions.

I comfortable with working with PowerPoint and can create power point presentation slides at an advances level. In can further effective use the slides to present and share information effectively. In compiling this project, I believe is will need help when it comes to using specific profession content that need further explanation such as the critical relationship between  the economic systems and education systems.

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