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Reality and Assumptions in Religion

Buy custom Reality and Assumptions in Religion essay

Buy custom Reality and Assumptions in Religion essay

Comparison between the Past and Present Religious Affairs

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According to Lateran V, in the Church of the past, dynamism was played out. Though there were dynamic individuals and schemes for reforms, the people lacked the will to implement them. Lateran IV brings in the idea of papal leadership and inspiration, which is a determination to overcome obstacles. However, Lateran V says that the failure to lead from the top by church leaders provided an opportunity for improper reformations. The church of the past was unified and worshipped in unison. However, the era of the unitary western church was terminated and denominations were established (Hamel, 1992).

This led to division of the church. However, they all worshipped same Mighty being, they introduced different ways of worshipping. The leadership, which was highly respected and granted to specific people, was divided among other members of the church. Although heretical groups developed which posed challenges in the leadership, it did not completely undermine the western unity. At the past people, thought that the only way they could communicate to their God was only through the priests. They believed that God directs them in every of their daily undertakings. According to how the world works, God gives every person a chance to choose on what to follow. This hence becomes confusing whether God can direct one in everything and yet He offers an opportunity for people to decide for themselves! They also believed in misfortunes. According to the religious teachings, ones faith creates possibilities of achieving the set goals and expectations. The idea of misfortunes also becomes unclear since ones faith is able to make one achieve what he or she expects. At the past people worshipped together on specific days. After denominations were established, they started worshipping differently. Some chose different days of worshipping. This shows that worshipping can be done in any day according to ones needs and views.

Buy custom Reality and Assumptions in Religion essay

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