Free Custom «Philosophy Statement» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Philosophy Statement» Essay Sample

I believe that all students should have an equal opportunity to learn and consequently develop regardless of their knowledge of the host country’s language. I take into account that such students may encounter significant difficulties in knowledge acquisition and concept mastery due to the ever-present language barrier. However, I believe each individual student has unparalleled potential, and such challenges serve to reinforce one’s outstanding ability. I believe in setting a standard to which all students will equally be assessed in the high expectation of positive results.

I regard individual uniqueness with the utmost respect, acknowledging the many diverse cultures and their effect on students’ linguistic background. I believe in transparency and equal measure of input and assessment in pedagogical reasoning and research.

Reflecting on the vibrant relations between pedagogy and individuality, my teaching approach is best portrayed as practical mastery teaching. The students’ environment should, therefore, be a manifestation of these ideals, providing conducive learning conditions. I aim to adapt the general learning environment to the general wellbeing of all students accommodating various aspects that are necessary to improve the learning process. My goals are to ensure that proper pedagogical practices including self-awareness raising, target setting and planning, reflection and advocacy should be implemented.


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It is my opinion that personal development practices emphasize the person-centered nature of education placing authority and control over what a student learns, how and why they learn it, and how they present that learning with the student himself. With that in mind, my goal would be to choose a method that assesses the objectives of the course of study aligned with the aims of the program including disciplinary skills development. They incorporate critical thinking and judgment, problem solving, performance procedures, self-management, and information access. I will then be able to forge ahead knowingly aware of my background and where I need to be.

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