Free Custom «Naturalistic Observation» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Naturalistic Observation» Essay Sample

The person observed in this scenario is a 17-year-old man who is an American. The reason why the man is considered 17 years old is that he behaves like a high school dropout who does not have anything essential to do in life. This depicts from the man’s composure, as he seems inclined on getting people attracted to the wares he is selling through flattery and he depicts maturity levels related to a man same his age through his confidence as he can approach people that are not that confident easily. The man is from the white race because he speaks like a White native, which is a clear indication that the man has some lineage in the White fraternity.

The person in the picture is slightly taller than I am, so he can be categorized to be standing 5.3 feet above the ground. The person adores a blue, skinny jean with a checked shirt, and he is of a moderate weight. His face depicts some youthfulness because he lacks major blemishes associated with the old people in society.

In terms of physical growth, the man can be described as grown in terms of stature, but there is no growth depicted in his intellectual capacity. This abounds from the fact that the person in question lacks courtesy and approaches every other person without greeting or appreciating them in some way. Besides, the man lacks marketing skills, which abounds from lack of higher education learning, as marketing requires a person to respect all the customers.


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The man can be described to be in his formal operation, which involves the ages between adolescence to adulthood. The man is mature enough by the show of his behavioral and physical characteristics.

Considering the person’s emotional and social development, the man can be said to be in a psychosocial crisis. This abounds from the fact that the man has no stable peers to hang around with and the person is struggling to make friends with every other person that he meets.

The man meets the milestones of physical growth because he has attained weight and height in accordance with his age. The man is not obese possibly because he spends most of his time roaming around the mall; thus, abounds him some exercise. On the other hand, the man has not attained a milestone in the stage of cognitive development. This result from the fact that the man does not know how to start a formal conversation; instead, he just jumps on a person and starts conversing.

One unusual thing about this man is that he lacks the gift of the gab. This is worsened by the fact that he did not complete high school; thus, he did not get to learn more conversing with other people. In my opinion, the observation was conducted as directed, and it has availed the needed responses regarding the observation. In addition, the observation was done without any bias or criminating the person in question.

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Once more, the observation was conducted thoroughly and personally, I tried to incorporate all the theories of development. For instance, I explained the man’s cognitive development stage by using Erikson’s model, which indicates that the man has not achieved the milestones and development stages as explicated by Erikson’s cognitive development theory. In addition, I explored the man’s physical development and explicated it using Erikson’s physical development theory, which falls under the theories of development. From the explication, it can be deducted that the man has attained milestones and stages of Erikson’s physical development stage as he can depict several characteristics that grown children depict.

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