Free Custom «Managing Relationships» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Managing Relationships» Essay Sample

The relationship that I am explicating beneath is between my mother and me. I have had the relationship since I was born and I honestly respect and cherish the relationship. In my opinion, I can place the relationship at a mature stage since my mother has had me since I was a kid and now we can talk at an adult level; thus, explains why I can quantify the relationship at an adult level. The relationship developed through blood relations. This resulted from the fact that my mother is my guardian and because of her care and love for me, she had to take care and nurture me. In addition, I believe my mum found me to be adorable from my childhood and she had some form of attachment, which means she had to keep me close to her, which contributed to our relationship.

One actor that led to our short-term attraction is that my mum is caring and considerate about me, and she ensures that I have a good life.  One thing that led to the long-term attraction is the fact that we are related by blood, and you know as they say, “blood is thicker than water”. The power relationship that exists between us is the guardian-sibling relationship, and it results from my respect for her because she gave birth to me and managed to take care of me since I was young until my teenage years. The power relationship between my mom and I ensures through the respect I have for her as I try my best to take care of her in situations that I can.


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The significance for attraction and power in the relationship ensures from the fact that she is my mother and my closest family member who takes much care of me meaning that I owe her some respect, and from the fact that she also needs to nurture a confident child, she advances me some respect. One area that the relationship can be improved is through getting to spend some more time with each since my mother has a tight schedule that she needs to attend to in order to facilitate our up keep (Eddy, 2003).

Inspiration and influence abound as two major ways that the relationship between my mum and me can be improved. In regards to inspiration, this can be achieved through my mum trying to depict how a caring guardian should take care of a younger person. In relation to influence, she can lead by example, which calls for her to have discipline and dedication in whatever business or activity that she is undertaking (Reiss, Plomin, Neiderhiser, & Hetherington, 2009).

In utilizing inspiration, I can factor my mum’s words in order to make her happy. On the other hand, when it comes to influence, I can also influence my mum by living positively and showing her that whatever advice she advances to me, it helps me to grow both physically and mentally, which is essential in maintaining our intimate relationship.

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