Free Custom «Homework/Discussion 1» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Homework/Discussion 1» Essay Sample

1. What are some important ways in which educational knowledge is obtained? What are the strengths and weaknesses of different sources of knowledge?

The important ways, in which people can obtain knowledge, are acquiring it from role models, the guidance from parents, life experiences and, of course, college or University teachers. Naturally, parents become the first source of knowledge for their child. Another way to obtain knowledge is to follow a role model. In a society, almost every person has or had a person, to whom they aspire. In fact, it is rather essential to have a high regard for someone, since it helps to add to person’s interest in edification and learning. Moreover, in the long run, having a successful role model will lead people to expand their knowledge. Besides, role models make people feel positive about their goals and believe that they can achieve their dreams. The important fact is that role models can be represented by school teachers. In addition, books can be also considered a good way to obtain knowledge. However, role models can sometimes be comprehended incorrectly, while teachers will explain everything in a proper way. Moreover, books do not always provide practical advice, and parents may not have enough time to educate their children.


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2. What are the major purposes of the review of literature?

The major purposes of a literature review are to set up a theoretical structure for one’s topic or subject area, identify key interest facts, acquire terminology and definitions, classify models, studies, case analyses, support one’s subject, establish or define one’s research topic. Besides, a literature review can help to provide a background for the research and justify it. Moreover, it is crucial to ensure that the same data search has not been completed before, and the new project is not a duplication study. Identification of duplicates can also be done with the help of a literature review. In addition, by reviewing the literature one can see if the research fits the presented body of information.  A literature review enables a researcher to learn from prior theory on the chosen subject. It highlights the flaws in the previous projects and helps to refocus, refine or amend a topic.

3. What are the differences between qualitative, quantitative and mixed-method approaches to research?

First and foremost, quantitative research relies on the compilation of statistical data, while qualitative research relies on the compilation of behavioral data. Mixed-method research engages the synthesis of qualitative and quantitative methods or exemplar characteristics. The mixing of qualitative and quantitative research may take many forms. In fact, the options for mixing are almost unlimited.

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4. What are the steps of writing a review of literature? How should the review be organized?

Firstly, one needs to gather sources and focus on a topic. The researcher should remember that a literature review targets to cover all studies on a given topic. Therefore, if the topic is broad, there also will be excessive material for covering it sufficiently.

The next step is reading the gathered literature with a purpose, which means that one will need to summarize sources in brief. At the same time, a proper literature review obliges a researcher to isolate core issues or themes that are related to the research importance.

After detailed reviewing, one needs to evaluate sources, which comprises the consideration for each article or book. A researcher should consider credentials, such as decide if the author is an expert, consider evidence and argument, evaluate if the data supports the hypotheses, and if the evidence or argument is complete. Besides, when comparing sources, a researcher must consider conclusions, such as correspondence of the results and assumptions. Also, a researcher has to evaluate the opposing viewpoints. In addition, there is a need to decide on what reasoning or evidence the differences are based. Finally, the researcher should understand the questions that are raised by the literature and address them in the undertaken study.

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