Free Custom «Homeland Security and Surveillance» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Homeland Security and Surveillance» Essay Sample

Security is a broad concept that is used in the definition of different terms such as fears, past traumas, hurts, confusion, racism, economic and other forms of deprivation. Examples of security needed in situation where there is fears, past traumas and hurts is the restoring of the normal situation and promising the victims that whatever happened will never take place again. In regards to racism and other forms of deprivation, people require to be given confident that laws are there to protect and serve and serve them. Thus, in regards to all these terms, security can be considered as the extent of opposition or shielding against harm that the abovementioned terms can cause. Notably, security creates a separation between the threats that can result and human beings. Arguably, security results to generical controls, which ensures changes on the life of human beings or at times, the threat.

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According to Tadjbakhsh, Chenoy, & Chenoy (2012), greater security abounds through non-violent reolution of the above conflicts and dysfunctions as people will live harmoniously without judging each other or seeking revenge. Regarding economic and other forms of deprivation, greater security will be achieved as people will be satisfied with what they have, which means low cases of robberies and acts of stealing will be reported. Additionally, laws will be there to protect them and the moral requirements of the society will be upheld.

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Individuals and governments continually contribute to terrorism threats through their actions, commentary and sanctions. In many instances, people and government contribute to terrorism threat through perpetuating racialism and stereotyping. Sanctions advanced by governments also contribute to the issue of terrorism (Guiora, 2011). Deportations by governments and the mistreatment of foreigners also contribute to terrorist threat.

In order to ensure an end to people and governments perpetuating acts of terrorism, people should stop stereotyping other raaces, and they should be willing to provide information to the government regarding any information concerning terrorism. On the other hand, governments should be cautious regarding, which people they admit in their country. In addition, governments should promote good relations with one another in order to prevent animosity.

Thus, the US government has taken a step towards minimizing acts of terrorism through increasing its surveillance. People across the country are observed using CCTVs, which monitor every movement at all times. Satellites also facilitate the reduction of terrorist threats in the country. However, this has both merits and demerits. The main advantage is that it ensures people’s safety against terrorists’ attacks.

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However, various cons abound regarding Homeland Security surveillance. Firstly, people’s right to free movement is violated as they are observed everywhere. Lastly, people lack privacy as their activities are monitored (Guiora, 2011).

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