Free Custom «Disaster» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Disaster» Essay Sample

Ice Age: the Meltdown is a movie that talks about global warming. The author explores how the earth is melting at a slow rate. The animals in the book are busy enjoying the cold breeze on fall, and water brought by the melting ice. In the book, there are three main characters Manny, Sid and Diego. Sid starts a day camp in which the young animals and Manny and Diego. She gets warnings that there will be floods in the next few months and advised to keep the reeds and barks fresh (Price, Roger & Stern, 167). Manny ignore the idea of flood but are surprised to see Sid attempting to swim in the large water mass, when the two attempts to rescue Sid, the ice started melting at Diego’s feet. The creatures realized that the good weather led to the melting of ice bodies (Price, Roger & Stern, 167). A vulture told the other animals that they could make a boat out of the big tree trunk, and use it to cross to the extreme end of the valley in few days. Sid then starts sings a sarcastic song to the other animals, like the Mammoths and Manny that their life is disappearing. As they were migrating, a glacier that has two reptiles came from that period.


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Manny disappears shortly from the rest, Diego, Sid meets naughty opossums called Crash, and Eddie, drive them crazy when they played the game together. The issue that Manny was the last mammoth that was still alive since his family perished through human murder worries him a lot; surprisingly he meets Ellie, another mammoth that was female. She thought she was Crash and Eddie’s sister. She joins the group to run away from flood then she brings along his siblings. After a dangerous trouble with Cretaceous and Maelstrom when they were crossing a pool of water, Sid tells Diego to accept and face his fears. He was so worried to be with these strangers on the ride (Price, Roger & Stern, 167). They then came across a place where Ellie got adoption, and then this makes her remember clearly and accepts that she was a mammoth but kept away from Manny when he told her that they needed to secure their own species she did not understand how. They agreed how they would save each other when danger comes.

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On their way, they came across a strange group of other animals, which abducted Sid; then pretended to adore him and won his trust when they decided to make him a god he was happy because of the promotion over others since he had victory and honor. However, their plan was not just to make him a god but also to offer him as a sacrifice by throwing him in the melting volcano. When he realizes this plan, he manages to run away. He gives his experience though without making any of them believe in his story. They come across the land of hot geysers that keep the three mammoths a part from Ellie and the siblings after disagreeing on the route to follow.

The Long Emergency, a book by James Kunstler, talks about the effects of the technology and oil production to the environment, the pollution, displacement, and how it affects the weather, brings about diseases, water shortage, and world economic threat, and emergency of fights and confusion in the future life. He explores the main idea as the impact of oil production as already forecast by scientists, in America and worldwide. He claims that the financial constrains are because of peak oil, and this forces people to sustain themselves in their own local way. The author warns people of America that, the coming of the oil production is the beginning of problems, getting natural gas and the same oil will be hard even when it is produced in their own country because it will be more costly than it is. The production of petroleum will go down, leading to the problem of infrastructure, and the production of electricity will eventually go down. Many things will be costly like food, and other essential products will be hard to find.

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He further claims that the use of other sources will be inadequate since petroleum will be little, and the environment will be polluted due to the introduction of technology like coal and nuclear. In The Long Emergency, Kunstler summarizes by warning the Americans that they should be prepared for the coming disaster, which will be because of technology on the production of oil. These will affect the energy production, infrastructure, hence hard to get food and other commodities at the consumer’s reach. Therefore, the whole population needs to be self sustained which will also not be easy. Consequently, there will be famine, outbreak of disease, and civil conflict. These will e hard for the government to control and it will take the longest time as the title The Long Emergency. The writer advises people to try to adapt to changes like going on foot, riding as the basic way of transport. They ought to get out of the urban centers to small villages, especially at places where there is enough water supply and good climate for them to practice farming. From this, they can start growing food crops.

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In the Warm, Warmer, Warmest by Nicholas Kristof talks of global warming that is coming because of getting oil from the drills at the coast. This will lead to the disappearance of Arctic plain because of the rising water level. There is a hard time trying to overcome global warming that is a threat to the plain, and the surrounding environment with millions of people due to the three scientific quotes Warm, Warmer, Warmest, hence the title of the article. He argues that, for any new invention there must be a negative impact,

Nicholas Kristof warns people of the coming global warming because of human activity and introduction of new technology. He advises them to be cautions and take the necessary precautions that will help when the disaster comes. There should be preservation of energy, gas, and carbon dioxide (James, 55). They should make use of all the material that can be re used .Like wind and solar energy, the plants for power. The greatest challenge is that many governments ignore the facts that will be a great disaster to the whole world.

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In summary, the film, Ice Age: the Meltdown, the article Warm, Warmer, Warmest and book The Long Emergency, by Kunstler. They have one main idea, which is a disaster, they explore different disasters that are yet to come and the authors warn people to take possible caution against it (James, 55). Such expected disasters include floods, as clearly shown in the film, then the global warming and famine. These happen because of human actions and ignorance, if people could take in what they are told and become the keeper of the earth then many disasters will not appear. This all came because of the new technology and exploration though it is good and advantageous, but it comes with its negative impacts. People should take precaution and adapt to the changes. Man is an intelligent than other creatures, and they should take this opportunity to care for the environment.

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