Free Custom «China Profile» Essay Sample

Free Custom «China Profile» Essay Sample

China, officially known as the Peoples Republic of China, is the world’s most populous country with a population of at least 1.35 billion people. Most of this population is concentrated in the urban centers with its capital city being Beijing, while the largest city is Shanghai. In terms of the total area, China covers 9.6 million square meters, making it the fourth world’s largest country. However, in terms of the total land area China is the second largest country in the world. The notable Chinese high population results from high life expectancy, since it has a well-developed economy. The life expectancy of China is 72 years for men, and 76 years for women. Moreover, the country’s religion is well-developed having the four main types of it across the country. These four types are the following: Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Taoism.

The geographical location of the People’s Republic of China is at East Asia with a population of 1.35 billion people. According to Cai (2012), this is the world’s highest population. Notably, most people of China reside in the urban areas, such as Shanghai and Beijing. China’s total geographical area approximates at 9.6 million square meters, making it the world’s second largest country after Russia. Moreover, China and Russia have one thing in


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China has beautiful landscape and favorable climatic conditions. China is widespread with different types of landscapes all over the country. On the East, China has plateaus and alluvial plains that make it beautiful and attractive for tourists. This is different from the Southern part of the country, whereby most land has hills and low mountain ranges. Apart from that, the central part is also different from the rest with only waters from the two major rivers of China: Yellow River and Yangtze River. Despite the beautiful features of China, its main problem is the expansion of the Gobi desert, ranked fifth largest desert in the world. The Gobi desert has continued to expand despite the plantation of the indigenous trees in the 1970s. This has led to the extreme weather conditions. In China, they mostly experience dry seasons alternating with the extremely wet monsoons. Apart from the extreme weather conditions, China also suffers from the environmental pollution that affects its climate. According to the recent studies, at least 400 million of China’s citizens cannot access clean drinking water. Contrary to that, they lead the whole world in production of the renewed energy. This includes the wind turbines and solar panels for power production.

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common: each of them borders with 14 other countries. This makes them have the world’s largest combined borderland. Other common neighbors of China are Taiwan, Afghanistan, India, South Korea, Japan, and Pakistan. These neighboring countries are widespread from all sides of the compass, while others share marine boundaries. However, some of the China’s land is not included in the approximations, since the country is engaged into the borderland disputes with India.

Chinese political system is well developed, and the administration is democratic. Notably, a communist government under the Communist Party of China rules China. Unlike other countries, China’s ruling government extracts power from their well drafted Constitution. This implies that the Chinese government cannot do anything that the Constitution is against to it. Apart from the Communist Party, that rules the country, other parties act as opposition to the government. These parties monitor the daily activities of the ruling party and criticize the government, wherever there is a problem. After the election, the ruling party appoints the officials, who will work under the government. The government of China also has a well-established military to protect the country. Arguably, China has at least 1.2 million active troops, making it a super power with the largest military in the region. The main reason, why China has this large military, is for protection of the government and the state in general. China has faced border disputes with several countries, and this is why they have to shield themselves. In 2012, China’s military recorded the world second largest military expenditure of approximately US $100 billion.

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Moreover, China has the world’s second largest economy spending trillions of dollars, according to the research by the International Monetary Fund. Notably, China’s economy is boosted by its exports, which are mainly manufactured goods. The Chinese manufactured goods, garments, and electronics are distributed all over the world. This is what contributes mainly to the economic growth, approximated at 9% per annum. Despite their ranking as the second in terms of the size of their economy, China is the world’s fastest growing economy. This has attracted investors all over the years boosting business in the manufacturing industries. Additionally, the population structure has changed, and now most of the people in China are under the middle class category.

Another important aspect of China is human rights. China’s human rights protection is under their Constitution that is well structured. The Constitution provides for both human rights and the responsibility of the citizens. The worst crime in China is murder. According to Usai (2009), the Constitution greatly discourages the citizens from involvement in such crimes, since the penalties may be as severe as a life-long sentence. Moreover, the citizens have a right to participate in the different things. Among them, the most common is elections, since China is a democratic state. The Constitution provides that it is the right of everybody to participate in the elections, so that they can choose their preferred leader. Apart from that, other human rights provided in China are the following: right to access education for the children, freedom of speech, and the right for free movement among others. Violating of someone’s rights is punishable by the courts of law.

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Evidently, China is the world’s new super power. This statement is correct basing on the different facts. Firstly, China has the largest army in the world. As noted before, China has approximately 1.2 million active troops that participate in any wars that occur. With all these troops, China becomes powerful, and no other country can challenge them in war. Moreover, it is said that China’s army recorded the highest expenditure in the world in 2012. This clearly shows their capability to fight against intruders, since they have the resources. To emphasize on this point, China is the new super power basing on the fact that they have the fastest growing economy. With the best economy in the world, this implies that they have enough money to come up with any weapon that is needed to fight against their enemies. This is advantageous, unlike other countries with poor economic growth.

In conclusion, China is the world’s second largest country located at the East of Asia. China has a population of 13.5 billion, making it the highest populated country in the world. China’s total geographical area approximates at 9.6 million square meters, making it the world’s second largest country after Russia. China has beautiful landscape and favorable climatic conditions. The country is widespread with different types of landscapes all over the country ranging from deltas, hills, and plateaus. The Chinese political system is well developed, and the administration is democratic with a communist government. Arguably, China is the new world super power. This statement gains support from the fact that China has approximately 1.2 million active troops that participate in any wars that occur and records the highest expenditure.

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