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Can Love Be Excessive

Buy custom Can Love Be Excessive essay

Buy custom Can Love Be Excessive essay

In order to get an understanding of the perspectives of love and fate in the two films it is important to analyze the similarities and differences in the two movies. The characters Mardar and Moudan decide to take their lives decide to end their lives since they have not been given permission to be with the persons they believe they love deeply. In the instance of Fleur and Master they take their lives in order to escape from perceived repressive social decorum.

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I do believe that such faith in in unconditional love and the absolute power of love not in itself nihilistic though lethal. Taking the instance of Mardar and Moudan, I am convince that these are archetypal nihilists that go against the social conventions of their time in seeking love from members of a social class which is deemed not appropriate. Such a belief in and fgaith in unconditional love is what results in the commission of suicide and therefore it may be argued that going against the conventions and going to the extremes is nihilistic and lethal as seen by the suicide of Mardar and Moudan. The argument on whether the characters may be blamed or whether they are nihilistic also has another side. An analysis of this society reveals that this is a society which believes in reincaranation of the dead person. For such persons, death is not necessarily a tragedy but rather a means through which they may reunite with their loved ones and fulfill their dreams. This is evident in the instance of Yue Fa who takes her life expecting her lover to do the same so that they could be reunited in the afterlife. As such it may be argued that the society in which they live and their religious and cultural beliefs and conventions are responsible for the tragic fates of the lovers.

Buy custom Can Love Be Excessive essay

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