Free Custom «Ronald Reagan» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Ronald Reagan» Essay Sample

Without a doubt, the figure of Ronald Reagan remains a rather significant one in the context of American history. He was elected to be the 40th President of the United States of America and served during the period between 1981 and 1989. One of his specific policies was that the significance of his administration could not be minimized under any pretext. In term of the rise of conflicts in the world, his governmental apparatus succeeded in overcoming all of the obstacles and maintaining a delicate balance on the international stage. Therefore, this article aims to analyze the particular features of the domestic and foreign policies of President Ronald Reagan, critically evaluate his activities in the sphere of intergovernmental cooperation, and outline the strongest and the weakest points of the evolution of his strategies.

This charming man started his political career as the 33rd Governor of California. Remarkably, while he occupied this important official position, he has also managed to continue his Hollywood acting career. Regarding the subject of personal qualities and appreciations, Franklin D. Roosevelt was Reagan’s hero and a valuable source of inspiration and motivation. Reagan was very proud of repeating the achievements of his “mentor.”. Consequently, he joined the Republican Party in 1962 and turned out to be the leading conservative speaker among the other representatives[1]. Manifesting an active social position, the future President supported the American Veterans Committee due to his profound interest in the military realm. Moreover, his name can be connected to the American Medical Association (AMA) and National Rifle Association (NRA). Unfortunately, Ronald Reagan became a witness of protest movements and massive demonstrations that were widespread during his epoch. He was involved in several high-profile scandals, which remained as significant issues in his biography. The precise attention should be paid to the issue of the Therapeutic Abortion Act adopted in 1967. Regrettably, the politician had changed his point of view concerning this law more than twice. Such strategy received much criticism and Reagan was at the center of controversy in that phase. The provided example had a tremendous impact on the next period of the development of his political career. That is why such items require an accurate examination.


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Expressing a strict position during his first term, Ronald Reagan ensured a minimized governmental intervention in the personal and family lives of Americans due to the previous incidents connected to legislative regulations. However, such tendencies were not dominant in the context of the economic policies that the president considered as a powerful tool aimed at manifesting the greatness of the whole country. He preserved the conservative economic values and embedded the supply-code economic policy into ordinary practice[2]. Such initiatives were dubbed with the name “Reaganomics”. Many people envisage this campaign as his greatest legacy; the major economic alterations and improvements were launched due to the established standards. The policy has led to the reduction of marginal tax, the minimization of regulations, and the decrease in inflation. What is more, it aimed to encompass governmental expansion. As a result, the period of stagnation was likely to affect the US economic potential less. The unemployment rates ameliorated noticeably. Such a transformation ensured favorable conditions for further development. Despite this fact, Reagan tried to form the concept of federalism; he also encouraged the free market and the initiative of private businesses by supporting the public sector. Additionally, the President succeeded in implementing and expanding the War on Drugs promoting the national interest and awareness in this sphere. The ecological issues were accurately envisaged in this period. The military aspect had also received the required support, as the Strategic Defense Initiative was integrated due to the term of urgent necessity. However, the negative tendencies existed due to Reagan’s decisions related to the end of control over the oil prices. The adverse consequences of that strategy worsened the energetic potential of the USA and made this industrial branch exceedingly vulnerable.

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Nevertheless, this mistake is worth neglecting in the context of the actual confrontation between the USA and the USSR. The conflict had recently entered a new stage of escalation, and the possibility of further collisions remained virtually imminent. The tensions of the Cold War tested the political prowess of the leaders of both countries, as it was a question of firmness and fortitude. The administration of Reagan reacted rather critically and radically to the diplomatic efforts of the Soviet Union to broaden its influence in the international arena. According to the political doctrine of the United States of America, Reagan maintained a reactive attitude to any communist propaganda. He provided financial support to the anti-communist movement in Europe, Africa, and Asia, preventing the Soviet government from potentially affecting the governmental regimes of other countries[3]. Remarkably, the President attempted to promote the strategy called “peace through strength,” that involved an authoritarian manner of the political initiative. It has led to the violation of international law and essential human laws in such a complicated period for the globalized world.

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Interestingly, the threat of nuclear power played one of the most significant roles in the discourse. The leading politicians of that historical epoch, such as Gorbachev, Thatcher, Mitterrand and others, had conducted numerous negotiations dedicated to the issue of minimizing the possibility of future confrontations. As a result, the era of actual nuclear menace ended due to the disintegration of the USSR and the reformation of the system of international relations.

To conclude, it is essential to point out that the portrait of Ronald Reagan is a perfect example of the president’s reasonable policies. Due to his effective strategies the authority of the USA was strengthened.

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