Free Custom «Presidential Policy Directive» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Presidential Policy Directive» Essay Sample

The Presidential Policy Directive gives an outline of the president’s vision for strengthening the security and resilience of the nation. The policy gives a systematic method for the United States to prepare for national threats such as terrorism, pandemics, and catastrophic natural disasters. There are different merits and weaknesses of this policy.

According to the Presidential Policy Directive, every American should take part in safeguarding the nation from harm. This is one merit of the policy because it calls for all citizens’ good will for the nation. The policy provides sufficient guidelines for the society to work together in different ways and use the available resources appropriately. The idea of involving the whole community in the activities outlined by the PPD-8 makes its effort unique. This is because when it comes to the issue of the nation being prepared, every citizen must be involved. Historically It is evident that when the whole community comes together to tackle a problem, the result is more effective.


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The main challenges that face the PPD-8 is the requirement for the emergency managers and planners to conduct a comprehensive campaign. This campaign is meant to be a public outreach to inform individuals in the community and the private sector on the useful steps that will ensure success of the policy. The policy may be insufficient in different ways; first, assessing preparedness based on the overall national preparedness capabilities is indefinable. This is because the evaluation efforts that collect data about the national preparedness face different challenges. These challenges include the reliability of the collected data and the lack of a standardized method of collecting data. Even though, the evaluation of preparedness and the assessment of capabilities is a legislative requirement, it is faced with different implementation and operational weaknesses.

This policy serves as a call to the community to take part in ensuring that the nation is safeguarded from harm. If all sectors either public or private are involved in ensuring the safety of the nation, there is a high possibility of success. In this regard, the intended audience for this policy is the citizens of the United States. 

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