Free Custom «Responsibility» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Responsibility» Essay Sample

A responsible person is the one who is accountable, trustworthy, and independent. He/she has a clear sense of right choices and deliberately chooses to adhere to them according to the “moral compass.” Anyone who is reliable has an ethical obligation to follow a moral standard of being responsible. I believe that for one to be responsible, he/she must complete a chore without being asked, accepting and understanding the results of their activities. Moreover, a responsible person should also think before he/she acts and always does best to commit only right actions. Such person is responsible for himself/herself, family, and society he/she lives in because responsibility transcends gender, creed, and even nationality. The person who is responsible in life makes sure that other people endeavor to be accountable for their actions as well.

A responsible person always seeks for what is good for the society and commits acts within the acceptable social norms devoid of fear even when it involves a considerable risk.  Responsibility also involves being liable for what one does and the use of self-control by taking care of person’s own life. One should be positive by taking creativity, planning, and setting goals, while identifying what victory means to them and have a plan on how to achieve it. A person must also ensure to be independent, by deciding what right or wrong is, rendering to common principals and morality standards. A responsible person is meditative by thinking ahead and predicting consequences while setting a good example for others and teaching according to one’s deeds, not words. Responsibility demands that one “clean up their mess” without prompting. A responsible person follows his/her promises even when it proves to be costly. When responsibility starts with self and at home, it fosters a strong family unit that enhances integration into the society.


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Being responsible means caring for oneself and being able to relate to others in the circle around them, in the usual civil manner, whereas one’s actions reflect how others view them not to follow their bad choices, which would negatively impact society. Being responsible indicates the ability to make determined efforts that serve their own interests. Each and every person first needs to be responsible for their own life before being responsible for others. Irrespective of being responsible for things in the circle of influence, the society can be destroyed and turn it into disorder.

The truth of behaving responsible adds meaning to my life and also allows me to develop as a personality. Being serious can refer to the existential attitude, which every person should strive to achieve. In my life, I feel responsible not to blame other people for my problems, because blaming others instead of myself will not only make me vindictive, but also powerless to change my life. Moreover, it is my responsibility not to complain about problems I encounter in my own immediate environment since complains are for irresponsible people. Practicing self-discipline is of paramount importance in my life, which presumes learning to deal with all the life challenges. In addition, I find it important to be responsible for my finances because it helps me to plan ahead all my expenses, which is an aspect I perceive seriously. Being a responsible person, I should also take moral upkeep of my family and protect them making sure that they are safe while helping them to achieve their goals.  In my life, it is my responsibility to learn new things not only from what other people have been taught, but also what I see around my environment. I must ensure that I take care of my body, by taking a healthy lifestyle and nutrition and regularly exercising, which helps me to stay healthy. I should also be responsible by knowing how to control my emotions.

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What I would like not to be responsible for in my life is other people’s emotions because when I try to be, this situation can be compared to being in unchartered seas without a compass.  By being responsible, I make sure that I have a feeling of responsibility that spreads to the issues beyond my family. My issue of responsibility extends to the people who are around me and even to the whole society at large. When you give yourself the approval to live the life you need, not only the family or friends will respect you or follow your ideas but also the society at large. Taking immediate actions becomes natural when I am responsible for my life as a whole and helps the society, because I believe that my thoughts are left in an emotional stage and are never interpreted into actions. Being responsible can lead a person to situations when powers can be determined by forces beyond control. When a person refuses to accept responsibility for everyday deeds, he/she can suffer from a life failure.

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In conclusion, without taking responsibility, one is seen as a failure because he/she allows to be afraid of challenges, with any problem that can face them. People who take extreme responsibility for their lives experience gladness and control of events; moreover, they are able to make their own choices. A society composed of such people will find it easier to protect the environment because there will be a high degree of consensus in issues of mutual benefits and the level of violation will be negligible. For one to take the responsibility of their life, he/she must first have all putative confidence that their life is in their hands. If the world lacked responsible people, life would be untenable. Being responsible indicates the ability to have determination that serves one’s own interests. Each and every person first needs to be responsible for their own life before being responsible for others. As such, there is no doubt to assert that responsibility is the foundation of everything, on which political, economic, and social pillars of a healthy society stand.

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