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Custom Personal Essay

A Memoir about the Impact of a Teacher essay

The guidance and counseling teacher made my life turn to the positive side. The first day in high school, I entered the gates with much boldness in my mind to cross the bridge to the university. Being accompanied by my father, I felt secure and contented. We went straight to the administration ...

Personal Leadership Development Plan essay

The PTI assessment showed me that I am worthy of and suitable for my future career. It made me aware and confident of my strengths, positive traits of my personality and natural predispositions. Moreover, this report determined weaknesses some of which I had not noticed before. Perhaps the most ...

Responsibility essay

A responsible person is the one who is accountable, trustworthy, and independent. He/she has a clear sense of right choices and deliberately chooses to adhere to them according to the “moral compass.” Anyone who is reliable has an ethical obligation to follow a moral standard of being ...

Self-Reflection Paper essay

I have learned during this class that it is not easy to be a leader. Thanks to learning different leadership styles and things leaders had to do in order to stand out from the crowd, I realized that being a leader is difficult, but worth it in the end. A leader is a person who is able to motivate ...
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