Free Custom «Warehouse Healthy and Safety Risks» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Warehouse Healthy and Safety Risks» Essay Sample

A warehouse is a commercial building, which is usually used by retailers, manufacturers, and importers with the aim to store various goods and materials. It can be a hazardous place for work performance because of a high possibility of a seriously injury occurrence that can lead to the death of an employee. The paper focuses on the investigation and assessment of warehouse risks based on Costco’s example and the analysis of necessary actions to be taken by employees and administration for the mitigation of problematic issues. 

Statistical data show that the majority of incidents is caused by improper training of the personnel on safety guidelines. Employees may often ignore safety rules. Thus, it is very important to assign a manager responsible for performing a constant analysis of possible hazards in storage places (Emmet, 2005). Safety and health experts also should be involved in the risk assessment process because they can help to evaluate threats and take efficient precautious measures determining the right actions of employees. Today, the Occupation Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) enforces a properly elaborated safety and risk policy in the organization. In case Costco breaks the rules and regulations, it will have to pay a high fine (Griffith, 2015). 


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The Costco Wholesale Corporation is a popular buyer club that sells various products at low prices. It has a great scope of wholesale that raises the need for a big warehouse for storing products (Richards, 2011). The risk assessment of the warehouse of such great corporation is extremely needed because it can help to predict or avoid possible hazards. Thus, it is very important for the company to pay significant attention to the layout, heating, floors, noise, fire, and housekeeping (WorkSafeBC, 2009).

The layout implies the design of the warehouse. It is important to identify the right balance between costs spent on space and the ones on the right placement of things. It is significant to utilize all space in the warehouse (Emmet, 2005). The organization should allocate some sum of money for buying the material-handling equipment to reach the highest levels of safety. The analysis of the Costco Corporation has shown that specific equipment is present and disposed in a special place. Consequently, it cannot block the way that significantly mitigates risks (Worcestershire Regulatory Services, 2014). Besides, the responsible personnel are provided with the guidance how to use that equipment. Workers also follow safety rules loading and uploading packs of thinks.  

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Costco’s case shows that the storage of such things as clothes is dangerous because of a high fire risk. Besides, different flammable liquids that can ignite easily are located in the warehouse. The problematic situation can be mitigated in case of the presence of a fire extinguisher and an appropriately elaborated emergence plan that will help to save the lives of employees (Richards, 2011). It is also important not to smoke at the working place near products and electric panels. The analysis has proven that the employees of Costco keep the safety standards and have several checked fire extinguishers in the warehouse that are located in open spaces. There is also a plan with depicted escape routes (Emmet, 2005). The employees are aware of all-possible fire wardens.   

The floor risk assessment is necessary for the identification and management of possible hazards that are associated with the floor in the warehouse (WorkSafeBC, 2009). The investigation of the Costco warehouse has shown that products are delivered to the storage house on special pallets that help to dispose materials for sale on the appropriate floor. That is why, it is very important to determine potential risks connected with the slippery floor. According to the analysis of corporation’s warehouse, the floor is not slippery and safe for a walk and product transfer (Emmet, 2005). However, risks can be mitigated when the responsible cleaner sets the table, which will inform that the floor is wet (Worcestershire Regulatory Services, 2014).

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The risks connected with heating can be reflected in too high temperature that can negatively influence the health condition of the personnel and spoilt the quality of materials (Richards, 2011). The warehouse of Costco has an appropriate temperature regime and uses indoor and outdoor thermometers. However, it would be also rational to set a specific cooling system in the warehouse that will significantly mitigate risks in the hot summer period (Worcestershire Regulatory Services, 2014).

Housekeeping hazards can also pose numerous risks and lead to injuries of customers and the staff. They can be divided into poisoning, falling, and lifting. The analysis of Costco’s warehouse has shown that its walkways are clear, and there are no obstacles that can complicate the transfer of an employee or the transportation of a product (WorkSafeBC, 2009). Numerous boxes, chairs, and equipment are located in an appropriate place. However, the corporation can additionally mitigate housekeeping risks putting boxes with heavier products lower because they can significantly injure the employee in case of falling (Emmet, 2005).

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The assessment of risks caused by the noise has shown its acceptable level in the analyzed warehouse. However, possible risks can be mitigated by avoiding work when the noise is excessive. It would be also rational to use protective earmuffs. The corporation should comply with the international standards on noise like IFC Guidelines or OSHA (Richards, 2011).

The analysis has shown that a constant risk assessment is a significant factor that will help to avoid possible hazards. However, it is not only based on rigid control, but on the discussion of possible threats to the health and safety with employees that will induce them to learn necessary guidelines and rules elaborated by specific experts. The employees of Costco are responsible and follow all rules and standards that consequently can save their lives.

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