Free Custom «The Broader Context of Disaster Recovery» Essay Sample

Free Custom «The Broader Context of Disaster Recovery» Essay Sample


The broader context of disaster recovery comprises appropriate tasks performance with the aim of natural disaster consequences mitigation, efficient emergency planning, business continuity planning, and corresponding approach to the problem solving of natural and human damage. Qualitative and fast disaster recovery depends on the efficiency of the government actions, collaboration of financially stable organizations, volunteers, and an adequate reaction of citizens. The main objective of disaster recovery is to minimize side effects caused by the problem and prevent its recurrence.

Importance of Planning in Case a Natural Disaster Occurs

Efficient analysis of disaster recovery needs studying of multiple literature and scholars’ investigations basing on the real examples of natural disasters. The analysis also includes the work on articles that tell about weak and strong points of damages mitigation, ethical approach to solving the problem, and political aspects that influence the actions’ productivity. Government and local regulators are responsible for efficient and fast disaster recovery and giving first aid to victims. At first, City Manager, who is in the problem zone, should have the emergency plan and business continuity plan (BCP). The main aim of BCP is to avoid or mitigate the impact of the risk. Business continuity planning helps to identify threats of internal and external characters, and provides the responsible personnel with necessary information for prevention, recovery, and maintaining the economical benefits (Lazarus, Jimerson, & Brock, 2002). 


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A City Manager should also control elaboration of the emergency plan. An absence of the emergency plan is an unacceptable mistake that must be controlled by the City Manager. The emergency plan should contain necessary information and help for the immediate reaction of citizens in case a disaster occurs. Besides, emergency plan should be available for every person. It is very important for a City Manager to have an emergency project that should include introduction with risks identification; general assessment of location with represented composition of buildings and roads; business affect analyses that will highlight influence on different businesses and revenues decreasing; and plan of impact mitigation. It also should include description of the tasks and responsibilities for every sphere of activity that can help in mitigation of disaster damages. A City Manager should encourage and control collaboration of experts from different regions during elaboration of the emergency plan. Experience and learned lessons of responsible managers from other problematic regions can significantly help for disaster prevention and reduction of disaster recovery duration.

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Resources Needed in Case a Disaster Occurs

It is very hard to predict natural disaster. Nevertheless, a City Manager should be always ready to mitigate the risks and provide the citizen with necessary resources. At first, the ruler should arrange emergency personal and organize different institutions for providing the citizen with necessary resources. For example, organizations can give shelter to the victims, who temporary lost their houses because of flooding; provide them with foods and first aid. In case of flooding the organizations, which cell necessary equipment like water pumpers can propose it to the victims. Nevertheless, a scale of the event may do not correspond to the number of available resources (Birch, 2013). That situation should be thought over thoroughly in advance. The necessary materials should be purchased and saved at the special warehouses before the disaster occur. Following a natural disaster there can be noticed two groups of people – “relief demanders” and “relief suppliers”. “Relief demanders” – people who need relief resources including shelter, food, and medical attention. “Relief suppliers”- people (personal resources), who are ready to propose their help to the disaster victims. However, “relief suppliers” may do not know about exact needs of the “relief demanders”. That is why the main aim of the City Manager to organize compiling of the information about needs of victims and submit it to the “relief suppliers”. Promptly and accurate organization will help citizen to have constant and free access to the necessary resources.

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Partners and Support in a Large Scale Event

The need of help and partners depends on a scale of an event. If the scale is not great, a City Manager can use support of local organizations, nearby municipalities, volunteers, and easily cope with a problem. Nevertheless, there are situations when a City Manager needs a help of experts from other regions, who have encountered the similar situation and can help with advices or financing. Large-scale events usually need additional investments for disaster prevention. A City Manager should take care of the partnership with other organizations in advance. For example, The Engineering and Construction Disaster Resource Partnership (DPR) is basing on coordination of private sector in response to the natural disasters and can help for faster disaster recovery (The Disaster Process & Disaster Aid Programs, 2013). DRP is basing on the collaboration of international and engineering companies with the aim of improvement humanitarian response in case a disaster occurs. Responding to the request of a City Manager, federal resources can organize supplying people with food, shelter, and electric power through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) (Lesson 3: When Disaster Strikes, What Can Government Do?, 2014). A City Manager can also request for an investment of federal funds if state funds are over. In case of large-scale disaster, President can sign a degree about supplying the city with a federal aid and provide a state with the money taken from the President’s Disaster Relief Fund, which is managed by FEMA.

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Analysis of Success and Failure of Disaster Prevention Basing on Recent Flooding

Analysis of the flood exposed many weak and strong points of disaster prevention. Nevertheless, there was admitted good work of a City Manager and other organizations. At first, there was outlined an effective holistic approach of management. Holistic approach is based on high integration between emergency management team and individuals, who are economically developed (Wible, 2011). All of them worked together and focused on the top economic priorities. Many organizations agreed to help victims and provided them with food and necessary equipment. City Manager and government in their turn proposed suppliers lower taxes. It was obvious that government thought thoroughly about possible disaster and elaborated an emergence plan that has been represented in pamphlets and spread among the citizens, which helped them to respond to the hard situation faster. There were described evacuation routes, location of shelters, and list of emergency supplies kits. It also contained emergency phone numbers (Ulaby, 2008).

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One of the weak points of the organization was late informing of citizens about the danger. Late reaction caused deterioration of the situation and increased the losses. That was not right from the ethical point of view because people had limited time to assume appropriate measures. That also caused environmental problems. However, management of the city took correspond actions and organized many institutions, organizations, and volunteers with the aim of improving the environmental situation, cleaning the territories, and planting new trees (Lazarus & Gillespie, 1996). City Management took care of ethical approach in solving the situation. The government provided victims with short-term and other financial assistance, free medicine, provided household temporary relief in meeting the mortgage and credit card debts (The ethics of disaster relief, 2002). Government also provided people with low-interest disaster loans and disaster grants available for them, which covered necessary expenses of victims. Besides, government provided financial aid for heroism and selfless sacrifice.

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Discussion of Natural Disaster Basing on Questions Posed by Amanda Ripley

Before writing the book The Unthinkable, Amanda Ripley has interviewed many people who survived the catastrophe or had lived through the natural disaster. Basing on the real life samples the author wrote a book. Amanda Ripley also described the tragedy of Katrina and expressed the indignation of bad politic reaction and poor engineering. Nevertheless, survival of victims depends much on their behavior, readiness, and basic knowledge. The main questions, which Amanda poses, are “What did people regularly do before, during, and after the storm? Why? And what could they do better?”. Due to the investigation of Amanda Ripley, people being in the unexpected situation can react inadequately and instincts can betray them. Some people can run toward the epicenter of storm, but not away, some people just cannot move. It is very hard to explain why people do that. The first thing that they should do is to calm down, analyze the situation, and try to react adequately. Nobody is insured from the storm and should have an emergency plan in the house. A family must keep all the necessary documents gathered together in a save place. In case of a storm, people should prepare the most necessary things like warm clothes, medicine, food, and water and pack them in the go-bag. It is very important to plan a rout for escape and identify the closest shelter. Actions should not be complicated but well planned. In such a situation, people should listen to an emergency radio. Very often during the storm victims want to leave houses as soon as possible and reach the shelter. Being in panic, they can go through the water without knowing the depth of it and sink. That is why it is very important to avoid the unknown places and not to go through the moving water. For some people it is very hard to calm down after the disaster and they give up. In spite of stress, people must pluck up courage and apply to the government for help. Government and volunteers will definitely help them to cope with a problem. The other thing that people should do after the disaster is to pay attention to the moral condition of their children. Children go through the situation harder than their parents. That is why the main aim of adults is to encourage children and admit that they have been very brave. Parents should talk more with their children and do not leave them along with a stress (Lazarus, Jimerson, & Brock, 2002). Sometimes it would be better to apply to a psychologist for help.

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Effectiveness of disaster recovery depends on many factors including fast reaction of the government. Mitigation of damages strictly depends on the constant incident and risk assessment. Besides, it is very important for government to encourage people to read more safely instructions and be thoroughly acknowledged with the emergency plan. The government should support the organization of various trainings and spreading of appropriate literature on behalf of the City Manager, and in case of disaster adhere to the ethical policy and provide victims with necessary resources. 

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