Free Custom «FBI National Security Branch» Essay Sample

Free Custom «FBI National Security Branch» Essay Sample


The National Security Branch is a service of the FBI that was formed in 2005 as a result of the instruction from the head of state. The president ordered the Attorney General to implement the recommendations connected with the WMD (weapons of mass destruction) saying that FBI should form a National Security Branch. The branch combines the resources and the missions that the FBI has, the main of which are to protect the US from counter-terrorism, as well as weapons of mass destruction. The department was put under the leadership of top official from the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations). The branch also has a Terrorist Screening Center that plays an important role in giving intelligence support to the local and state law enforcement organs. In 2006, the National Security Branch formed the WMD Directorate. The main role of the WMD was to make an integration of the functions that had been distributed by the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigations).

The main mission of the branch is to coordinate and lead intelligence aimed at protecting the United States. The branch was created with the goal of understanding the networks within the US that have the potential to harm the US. In addition, the branch has a detainee interrogation group (Federal Bureau of Investigations). Together with an interagency body, they work to collect vital information from terrorism suspects. The branch shares the missions of the FBI to ensure that the organization contributes effectively to the national intelligence needed to protect the US from attacks. What is more, it is used to leverage the resources from the government, as well as other bodies. The organization has more than 4200 interagency officers and it collaborates with a large number of partners. Currently, the branch is under the leadership of John Giacalone (Federal Bureau of Investigations). The branch handles the development of the intelligence department.


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Role of NSB in Criminal Justice System

The National Security Branch plays a key role in the criminal justice system. First of all, it works closely with many partners so that they can be effective in their investigation and intelligence capabilities. They work hard to fight terror groups in the US that could pose threat to the country (Federal Bureau of Investigations). Also, the organization is engaged in conducting the investigation of some of the high-profile suspects who are arrested but there is no strong prosecution evidence to imprison them. It is made with the help of highly trained interagency officers who conduct investigations of such suspects. The organization thus works hand in hand with the other bodies in the criminal justice system to ensure law and order in the US (Federal Bureau of Investigations).

The organization also plays a particular role in counterintelligence. It conducts counterintelligence so as to ensure that the country is safe from attacks. The counterintelligence efforts help in arresting those who have the intention of committing crimes. They also collaborate with the criminal justice system to prosecute criminals who have been arrested in relation to various crimes or acts of terrorism in the US (Federal Bureau of Investigations). The branch is also responsible for conducting trainings in security and cyber crimes prevention among other roles that are all aimed at enhancing national security (Federal Bureau of Investigations). The branch thus plays a key role in preventing crimes.

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In conclusion, the FBI National Security Branch plays a crucial role in the criminal justice system. It helps the government in maintaining law and order. It also helps the law enforcement agencies to apprehend many criminals who commit various crimes in the US. Up to date, the branch has been very vigilant in protecting the US from terrorist attacks.

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