Free Custom «Board Comment-Employee Relation» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Board Comment-Employee Relation» Essay Sample

The issue of whether the employer should have a control on the appearance of employees has created a lot of confusion. Many employers in various companies, depending on the business they are involved, are facing dilemmas when making decisions about the physical appearance of their employees. According to employment laws, employers are free to impose a dress code, and they are also allowed to limit the employee personal expression while at work. Employers should exercise this without infringing civil liberty (Keane, 2013).

In practice, employers are free to dictate what the employees should do with their bodies (provided an employee wants to maintain his or her job) in condition that the employers’ practice cannot be seen as any form of discrimination. If an employer allows male workers have tattoos and not allowing female employees to show them, it will amount to discrimination, and this might land an employer into troubles (Decker, 2013).

It is vital to consider the image an employee is likely to portray if they dress in a certain manner. Profit making organizations are highly sensitive to this because employees determine the competitiveness of the company. Employees are vital in any business because they interact with customers with diverse backgrounds. It is, therefore, essential for employers to have a dress code or the appearance policy to ensure that certain dignity in a company is maintained (Brewer, 2013).


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In conclusion, companies that are dealing with "summer wardrobe" should design policies that will govern the appearance of employees without violating the right employees. This will be necessary because of the nature of the business. It is essential to maintain workers with dignity to boost the confidence of both customers and the potential customers. Customers can position the company by looking the behavior of employees.

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