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Custom History Essay

Colony in Haiti essay

Haiti became a French colony in 1697 (Haggerty, 1989). During the first hundred years, this country was conquered by the French and then Spanish regime. It was one of the most powerful colonies in the world that produced the sugar, indigo, coffee, and cotton. However, later adopting the experience ...

Diplomatic History: The Ottoman Empire essay

Western Empires The collapse of the Ottoman Empire was one of the most eventful happenings both historically and diplomatically in the modern world. Joining the Germans in declaring the war against the Allies during the First World War, while being in the middle of a domestic crises tipped the ...

History of Rice essay

A long time ago, in ancient times, the azure sky was located closer to the ground. Therefore the gods often went down to Earth, and saints spent more time in heaven. One day, a brave and fair young man found himself in heaven. By chance, he saw rice and was very surprised. On Earth, people did not ...

The Lewis and Clark Expedition essay

Lewis and Clark began an expedition of Western parts of America upon Thomas Jefferson’s request. The journey lasted for an approximate period of two years, from 1804 to 1806. It was intended to explore, as well as map, the Western half that was under American territory. There was fear that ...

The Reasons of Hitler's Fiasco essay

In the 1930s Germany was one of the most economically developed countries in the world; its military might frightened international organizations and its neighbors. Hitler built probably the most powerful and technically equipped army of that time. However, his Millennial Reich existed for a little ...

World History essay

1. Explain the Devsirme system and discuss its positive and negative aspects. Devşirme is one of types of tax for non-Muslims in the Ottoman Empire known as the blood tax. According to it, Christian families were made to give their sons aged eight to eighteen for the special education. During the ...

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