Free Custom «Providers Find Unexpected Benefits of Mobile Tablets for Hospitalized Patients» Essay Sample

Free Custom «Providers Find Unexpected Benefits of Mobile Tablets for Hospitalized Patients» Essay Sample


Efficient healthcare delivery is a crucial issue that requires constant analysis aiming to elaborate appropriate plan and strategy to improve its condition. The study of the issue proved that one of the most effective approaches is the usage of the new technologies including IT innovations that facilitate work of medical staff and help them to provide more qualitative service. One of such technologies is called mobile tablets. Its advantages and disadvantages are represented in the article of J. Mottli, “Providers Find Unexpected Benefits of Mobile Tablets for Hospitalized Patients.” Thus, the paper is based on the analysis of the mobile tablets used by the hospitalized patients, it aims to identify its impact on the treatment procedure, and investigates the range of necessary skills, that help to create the appropriate recommendations concerning technology`s improvement.

Discussion of the Reason of the Theme Choice and Its Impact on the Medical Practice

The analyses of the numerous experts proved that for several years scientists investigated the usage of different kinds of tablets as a new direction of the health care development. However, the utilization of the mobile devices was understudied and that gave an opportunity to investigate the technology more deeply (Greysen, Khanna, Jacolbia, Lee & Auerbach, 2014). During the treatment procedure, many patients often suffer from the considerable waste of time that can be used for their individual needs. The technology provides the patient with the ability to learn the medical care process basing on the personal health records that further can improve health condition (Moyer, 2013). Besides, study of the benefits and shortcomings of the mobile devices are important for improvement of the health care development (Greysen et al., 2014).


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The deeper analysis of the mobile tablets is necessary because it can raise the quality and speed of the health care delivery, and will help to expose the disadvantages of the mobile tablets for their further elimination. The investigation of PSFK Future of Health Report showed that the quantity of the diseases that have epidemic status constantly increases which implies the raise of the demand for the doctors (Greysen et al., 2014). The mobile tablet is a necessary technology that is feeding the so-called mHealth trend providing people with the ability to maintain their wellness and health because it contains great amount of useful information about the specific features of the disease and description of drugs that patients should take in particular situation. Both younger and older generations can easily use the mobile tablets because of their portability, responsiveness, long battery life, and access to different apps (Greysen et al., 2014).

Investigation of Advantages and Disadvantages of Using the Mobile Tablets’

The investigation of advantages showed that the device simplifies the study of the patients’ health history because it has enough computing performance to multitask the wide range of secure mobile apps that can support the access to the lab results, medical records, ultrasounds, and x-rays (Mottli, 2016). The hospitalized patients also have access to the personal records that helps them to understand the reasons of the particular prescription. The U.S. constantly invests money in the digital records. It gives an opportunity to perform virtually though the video and voice conference 50% of the patients’ visits which fastens the delivery of the health care and do not cause the patients wait in the queues to have the consultation. Thus, by using their personal technologies, people can track their health condition daily (Moyer, 2013). The experts also identified that the usage of the mobile tablet as an entertainment source brings joy to the patients (Mottli, 2016). The patients liked to use applications, especially games, what doctors regarded to be a positive distraction, which raises the mood and helps to avoid the depression caused by the disease. Some patients told that games helped them to distract from the symptoms and relief the pain (Mottli, 2016). In addition, both patients and doctors emphasized on such positive aspect as possibility of real-time communication, and simultaneous access to the lab results and tests. The other benefit is the presence of the clearly described instruction that teaches how to use the technology (Mottli, 2016).

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The range of drawbacks is much shorter but they still exist. For examples, the experts worried that it is possible for patients to share the sensitive information with each other without the recommendations of the responsible clinician (Mottli, 2016). Besides, the purchasing of mobile tables requires significant expenditures but scientists, who currently research the technology, promise to make it not only more secure and faster, but also less expensive.

Usage of Information Skills to Develop the Assignment

Converting the tablet into the highly qualitative and useful device strongly depends on the IT skills and innovative aspects. Another significant task is to make it user-friendly because senior people usually face problems with the exploiting the contemporary device (O'Leary, Lohman, Culver, Killarney, Randy & Liebovitz, 2015). The IT experts took it into consideration and made a visual cue that let the patient know if the operation was done successfully. They created the navigation bottom to cope with the delay in moving to the next item. The bottoms also change the colour after their pressure that signals that operation was successful. The experts suggested using portable adjustable angle lap tables with the aim to prevent the hard reading because of the requirement of the particular angle (O'Leary et al., 2015). They also created the digital pen, which includes the button that is equivalent to the right click button of the mouse. Besides, the mobile tablets offer a great variety of Sans Serif text contrasting colours and selection boxes that help to view the subject. The experts made the mobile tablets convenient in usage by setting the limited choice that can prevent the occurrence of errors (O'Leary et al., 2015).

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The usage of the mobile tablets is a crucial aspect that contributes significantly to the effective health care. However, the investigation helped to elaborate several recommendations that would make the usage of the tables much easier. The mobile tablets not only contain the wide range of personal information and support connection with the doctor, but also provide the amount of useful information concerning the ways of treatment, effective drugs, and specific features of the disease. The first recommendation is to set the record of the indications that the patients can listen to in case of they have poor sight. The other recommendation is to eliminate the occasional reorientation of the tablet’s screen between the portrait modes and landscape that may cause lead to the disconnection with some pages. Besides, the start-up processor needs improvement because it is complicated and consumes much time that also should be corrected. There were also several accidents when people had no access because of the absence of Internet. Thus, it is important to work thoroughly on the existing problems that will help to improve the technology and simplify the exploiting process.

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