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Custom Health Essay

Diabetes Type 1 in Children essay

Type 1 diabetes among children is an underexplored topic for the research studies because the majority of scholars resort to the analysis of adult patients. Such research results are explained by the fact that this type of disorder is more typical of adult population. Nonetheless, type 1 diabetes ...

Econ427 Cases essay

“American Well: The Doctor will E-see You Now” by Ofek and Laufer American Well provides a platform for improvement of the quality of the patient-physicians interaction. Using the internet and telephony, patients with non-emergency healthcare needs connect with their physicians and ...

How Paraplegia Affects the Lower Extremities essay

Paraplegia is an impairment of the lower parts of the body such as legs as a result of spinal cord damage. Such disability may also occur due to a congenital condition like Spina Bifida that interferes with the neural system of the spinal cord. The lower body parts affected by paraplegia are either ...

Mental Health in the Community essay

1. What is the definition of mental health in the community? The definition of mental health in the community means the care and support that a person receives in order to assist him manage problems relating to mental health as he/she lives in the community. The community mental health care is set ...

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome essay

Introduction An adverse effect of the psychopharmacology is a significant problem investigated by many scientists because of its possible impact on the quality of patients’ lives. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (NMS) is one of the effects caused by the consumption of antipsychotic drugs and ...

What Not to Do in Family Therapy essay

Family therapy is an important thing in every person’s life. The clients can open up to the therapists and reveal inner secrets of the family that have not even been shared with other people, even with close family members. In handling these kinds of issues, the therapists need to be very ...

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